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Unintentional Slam – So, I’ve been without a “normal” job for more than a year. Now, I’ve been doing some side bits here and there but not anywhere near the income I was making previously. No biggie. Just facts. So, I meet up with a dear friend of mind and we go to lunch. Because he has helped he out immeasurably over the years, I told the cashier that I would pay for lunch. My friend insisted that he would pay. We went back in forth before a few seconds until he uttered, “Listen, bro, I HAVE a job.” Damn! Ya can’t win on that one. While complete and obvious fact, it was a slam…an unintentional slam…but nonetheless…a slam. I responded, jokingly, “Hey, don’t announce to everyone that I don’t have a job.” Later he said he felt bad about it…that was not my intention. I found it to be funny…and it did not feel put down at all.

When have you had a good friend give you that backhanded compliment…or unintentionally kick you in the balls?

The Anti-Masker – What do you do with that neighbor/friend who has dug deep into QAnon or whatever it is…and claims that COVID is a hoax and they go on and on about being an anti-masker or anti-vaxxer and then THEY get it? You find out through a friend of a friend…and because they wanted to keep it quiet that they actually contracted coronavirus?

I’m not proud of it, but at times I can be an “I told you so” asshole. What can you do? Anything? How do you manage relationships in this climate when it comes to clown shows that disagree with science? (I realize I am showing my politics.) Seriously, what do you do with these types?

Charity Super Bowl Squares – I had three friends that hit me up to give up some cash for Super Bowl Squares. You know how it works. There’s 100 squares. You pick random boxes…before the game, they randomly asign numbers 0-9…and if with the Chiefs on one axes and the Bucs on the other…if the score matches up with your box, you win a portion of the jackpot. You get it. Let’s say you win. Maybe it was a quarter or a half or the final score. 1 and 9, not highly likely, by the way. But, luck of the draw. If you do win, do you not have to give a portion of your winnings back to the charity in question?

I had a buddy win $500. The initial bet was $120 and it was for some family with cancer thing. (I’m not diminishing the importance of it…I just don’t know the specifics.) Do you not have to give back, at the bare minimum, $250 of your take home winnings…or, know that people involved in the pool, will think you are selfish prick?

The Weeknd Halftime Show…uh, meh – I’m not a hater. I’m not old and just simply disliking “today’s music.” While I find The Weeknd to be immensely talented…but…I find his songs to be disposable. I don’t believe his hits will stand the test of time. No one in 20 years will sing or even remember “Blinding Lights.” I really like his music. I just don’t think he is memorable. His Super Bowl LV Halftime Show was fine…but that’s it. It was average at best. It wasn’t Beyonce, or Bruno. It wasn’t Michael, U2 or Prince. It was just okay. You seem to have people that just despise the halftime show or people that love it and think the rest of us have an agenda.

He doesn’t have the star power I would expect from a Halftime Show. His career doesn’t have the breadth of a Jay-Z, Bon Jovi, Rihanna or Taylor Swift. He’s just not that guy. He felt like the NFL settled for an artist that would not embarrass or upstage them. They succeeded.

I’ve Never Gotten into _____________ – While watching the most boring Super Bowl ever…a buddy of mine, after seeing a commercial of some sort said, “I’ve never gotten into fishing.” I had to agree. I’ve fished plenty in my life and I don’t get it either. For the most part, you sit in a boat or on the shore, you have to tie knots and shit or work your bait onto a hook…and then you sit there for an indeterminable amount of time hoping a fish is stupid to fall for you ruse.

Now, I’m biased. I don’t like fish. If I catch something. I ain’t eating it. I don’t like the smell or the taste. But the whole experience. Yeah, I get how people find it relaxing. But, if I’m going to hang with a buddy, chill out and drink…I’d rather just go to the pub…no boat, no gear, no smell, no effort…just drinks.

What have you never really gotten into?