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I Do Not Want to be Associated with… – Former president Donald Trump, sent a scathing note to SAG-AFTRA – the union that represents actor-types. He no cancelled his membership by saying “Who cares!” He also intimated that they had done nothing for him. The rumor was they were going to remove him. He quit before they could. 

Have you done this? Did you quit a job or a situation because you knew you were going to get kicked to the curb? 

Or…is there something that you’re associated with…people know you for…that you wish they didn’t? The more embarrassing…the better.

How Are You Celebrating the Super Bowl? – I mentioned the lameness of a Zoom Super Bowl Party yesterday. Fauci has said to “lay low and cool it.”

I just read about Driveway Parties. I like that. If you can get a TV outside…maybe facing outward from the garage…socially distanced…masks…keep the number of guests under the number that your jurisdiction restricts you to. Have you come up with an original way to watch the big game? 

Have You Been Sued? – I guess FoxNews is being sued by a voting machine company for $2.6b. Holy shit! Smartmatic is the company. Damn! How about you? Have you been sued? Now, let’s not get into horrible stories because you ran a stop sign and killed a dude…more along the lines of frivolous shit.

Be Honest – Okay the romance rumors regarding Madison LeCroy, which sounds made up – like a slutty soap opera character or a porn star, by the way and J Lo’s man, Alex Rodriguez are just that…rumors. Madison claims that there wasn’t anything to it. And, when a girl from a show like Southern Charm says it’s not true, she must be telling the truth.* (*Sarcasm noted) Regardless, if they did anything (they did) I want you to be honest and answer this question. If you were rich, famous and attractive like that POS Rodriguez or his saint of a girlfriend Ms. Lopez and you, on the daily, were having grade A ass thrown at you…could you resist? BE HONEST. In this scenario, you have a hot girl/boyfriend…but would you be tempted by an equally, if not hotter, actor/singer/reality show shithead? Discuss.

Tell Us About Your Fave Pet – The TMZ headline, “When Doves Die,” told the story of Prince’s favorite dove, Divinity, recently died. No, not from fentanyl. Don’t be a dick. It got me to thinking about our favorite pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. (They call it that, right?) We don’t go into the circumstances of the death…just your best memories of that pet. What made it/him/her so special to you? Let’s not get sobby about it…cute, precious memories, kindly.