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You Ought Not Smoke the Pot – According to the Tweet below, the MGM is not playing when it comes to smoking weed in their hotel rooms.

Dude, for me, it’s no different than cigarette smoke. If I check into a room and smells like smoke – tobacco or the stank from the dank, I’m not staying in that room. They can call me Karen all they want. I have nothing against you smoking weed, Snoop. Just don’t do it around my kids, in rental cars or hotel rooms.

The comments from the potheads are hilarious.

In your hotel stay, what made you immediately head back down to the front desk?
Have you ever encountered a stinky weed hotel room?
One guy in the comments said that MGM’s policy was “lame.” I would say it’s on point especially for the rude motherf***ers that would smoke weed in a hotel room…On a list of rude things people do, where would smoking weed in the hotel room rank?

I Love You, Man – What is your feeling on men expressing their feelings to other men. I’m someone who believes you should tell the people who you are closest to exactly how you feel about them. The old Garth Brooks country song, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” speaks to that point.

The usual suspects hear “I love you” or a reasonable facsimile regularly. I tell my brother Dan that I love him nearly every time we talk. I have a few guy friends that I have zero issue in saying those three little words.

Tonight, I was speaking to a friend I hadn’t talked to in a few months. He ended the call with an I love you, which wasn’t expected. But how cool is that?

The question is, are you comfortable with expressing your love for another man in your life? You know, some might claim it’s the effemination of America. (They use another word for it…but it’s sexist af. So, I’m not using it.) Does it make you somehow less of a man if you express your feelings?

Kate Bush Running Up That Chart – Everything old is new again. All it took was Kate Bush’s 1985 track, “Running Up That Hill” to get streamed on season four of “Stranger Things” for it to climb the Billboard charts 37 years after its release.

I’m old af, and didn’t really remember the track. I like it now then…and has a sound that the cast of “The Mighty Wind” would call “nowtro.” (Retro but also kinda now.)

What old ass music would your friends be shocked to find out you listen to? By virtue of the insane access we have to all kinds of music in 2022, I’m not surprised when I see an 18 y/o loving The Beatles. I love old country music. It’s simple. It doesn’t require any thought. It tells a story. It’s like a podcast. I can put it on in the background and relax. For you, what is that old song that maybe takes you somewhere else?

Inflation Compensation – I’ve always prided myself on being a bit of a smart shopper. While I don’t clip coupons, I’m very aware of prices. Especially the cost of staples. I have a routine. Walmart has, typically, lower prices overall. However, Publix does 2-for-1 deals on certain products I buy regularly. I go to Publix and I walk the store looking for those deals. Then, I head to Walmart and buy everything else.

My wife is the exact opposite. She goes to the store and grabs what she wants without giving two thoughts to the cost. I can’t do it. If I buy something at Walmart and then notice later that it was cheaper at Publix, it bothers me. Similarly, if I get a good deal, there’s an extra pep in my step.

It’s not a sexy topic but with prices going crazy at the grocery…how are you saving some money? What have you substituted? What have you eliminated? Maybe not on the vacation or travel tip, but more on the day-to-day?

The Mighty Have Fallen…And They Can’t Get Up – For me, growing up, Bill Cosby was one of those guys that I looked up to. Man, for a guy who was raised with an absentee father, “The Cosby Show” showed me a dude who I could only dream of having as a dad. Later, the repeated sexual assault accusations and prosecutions, trumpeted one more time in the news today, destroyed a small part of my childhood, you know?

Who was it for you? I imagine some will say Will Smith after the Oscars slap. Is it a sports star that left your team? I might say Elon Musk, with his political ramblings as of late. For some it might be Chappelle for his trans remarks.

Conversely, what celebrity did something that you were like, “That is awesome. I will always be a fan.” Most recently, Pharrell paying off the college debt for five college students. That is so awesome to me. For a collection of things, I can’t exactly pinpoint, but Keanu Reaves is someone I admire.