Idea Sheet 2/14/2020

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Moving Back in with Your Parents – I read an article the other day that with housing costs in a lot of places going nuts, and student loans and what not, there are quite a few people moving back in with their parents. I just saw this Tweet:

  • Tell us about how it went down once you moved back in with your parents? I figure you have some that figure you’re an adult and you can come and go as you please…then others that pull the “I’m putting a roof over your head, you will follow my rules.”
  • Has anyone had the opposite…like mom or dad, temporarily, moved in with you? I’m not talking illness or anything like that…how about divorce or parents’ job hit the skids and they needed a spot. How did that go?

The Reclining Airline Seat Debate – OMG, nothing gets people fired up as much as the debate as to whether or not you should recline your seat while flying. As seen in this viral video:

I’d straight punch this douche in his throat. Ya know damn well he wouldn’t have done this if a man was seated in front of him.

Hidden Fees – It’s the world we live in, I guess. Maybe they’re not always hidden but it certainly feels like we’re being nickeled and dimed to death. We all are aware of what the airlines are doing. Here in Vegas, resort fees and parking fees have been highlighted. But how about this? After a Golden Knights hockey game I stopped at Sake Rok, a restaurant bar just outside the arena. I utilized the outside bar of the joint. I bought a Modelo and a whiskey. I notice on the bill that there is a service charge of 16%. Because it doesn’t say “gratuity,” I think it’s some bullshit charge so I tip the guy anyway. I ask the bartender about it and he does nothing to dissuade me from leaving a tip. Why would he? I later talk to a manager who tells me that the money under “service charge” goes to the server. Vegas is a tipping town. I would never screw over a server…but this is garbage.

Anyway, I put it up on socials and it got a ton of response. Maybe this is an only in Vegas thing…I gotta believe in other tourist areas, there has to be shit like this.