Idea Sheet 2/13/2020

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Mom Mistakes – What was your single biggest mom mistake? Now, I’m not talking about leaving your kid in a hot car and they almost died kinda mistake…that’s not fun or funny. Instead, how about this? I have a friend who, this morning, mistakenly gave her 8 y/o NyQuil instead of Dayquil. On the way to school, he passed out in the back seat…or…another friend said that both of her daughters at one point during their infancy, rolled off the couch onto the floor.

But First – I use this in my podcast but I think it would be a fun way to start off any show. If you like John Oliver’s “And now…” segment, it’s a straight rip off of that. On “Last Week Tonight” John will say, “…and now this.” The announcer takes over and says, “Local news reporters speaking in an Irish accent.” They play clips of that. Same idea with “But First…” You tease what’s coming on the show then you say, “…but first, Nana always pays her way.” I played a clip of a foul mouthed grandmother who was upset that her grandson refused to take gas money from her. You can sweep out of it or if the clip lends itself to it…comment about on the back end.

Remakes from Childhood – I guess they’re going to do a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” sequel. Rick Moranis who starred as the dad the first two, technically three, times, will be back. Details here. Can you think of any other movies from your childhood that you would like a reboot of…or have they already done it. For me, they’ve attempted to re-do “Karate Kid,” “Footloose,” and “Red Dawn.” Meh. “Top Gun” is coming. What about any of those movies like “Goonies,” “The Outsiders” or “The Breakfast Club.”

How about “Mean Girls,” “Bring It On?” What about “Legally Blonde,” “Serendipity” or “Say Anything?” Could they redo “Napoleon Dynamite?”

Your Most Expensive Purchase – It just crossed my mind that, for a lot of people, a house will be the most expensive thing you will purchase. Increasingly though, a lot of people can’t afford to do even that. On the heels of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos purchasing a $165m Beverly Hills estate, what is your most expensive purchase?

Single on Valentines Day and LovinIt – I imagine there are some people who are single and don’t like Valentines Day at all. It’s all love and romance and couples and kissing…and they don’t have anyone. I also imagine there are some that love being single on Valentines Day. No obligations. No card, dinner or gift to purchase.

  • If you’re single on VDay, is it just another day? Do you avoid going out to dinner. Is it Postmates, Netflix & Chill alone?
  • Outside of some promotional Valentines single event, is it okay to hang out at a bar, if you’re single, on Valentines Day?
  • Do you treat yourself to all the Valentines Day trimmings that you would have received if you and a mate? Nice dinner, wine, flowers, Tiffany bracelet?

He Asked Me Out on Valentine’s Day – (female early 30’s) “Bryan and I have been flirting for at least a couple of months. I work the front desk at a law firm and he is our FedEx guy. So, finally, yesterday he asks me out…but…on Valentine’s Day? Honestly, I thought he would have made a move long before this…it’s just the timing, right? I’m not trying to read into this…I’m not but can you go on a first date on Valentine’s Day? Does that make it awkward…and if we go somewhere nice and it’s romantic and all will that make it…um…AWKWARD? I haven’t given him an answer yet. I’m thinking about saying no and suggesting another day…but like, what if I say yes and when he picks me up he has VDay card? It’s weird, isn’t it?