Idea Sheet 2/12/2020

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How Did They Lose It? – There are so many clips online that feature someone either losing their temper or just being upset about something. Most recently, there was the God-fearing woman who cursed up a storm because a fellow customer would not repent. You play an edited form of the clips you find and offer the contestant three possible reasons why they are upset. A. The store was out of pomegranates. B. Her debit card was declined or C. A fellow customer refused to repent.

After the guess, reveal the audio that explains why they were mad in the first place. You could call this “The Temper Test.” (???)

Which Cartoon Character Do You Fantasize About – We spent a good 20 minutes discussing this at the bar earlier this afternoon. I mean, for years we’ve joked as to whether you’d pick Wilma Flintstone over Betty Ruble…but we had a full on debate. We (I) decided that there were three categories. 1.) Regular cartoons. 2.) Superhero cartoons and 3.) Disney Cartoons. Manga, anime type characters don’t count…I suppose if you’re really into it, it could be another category. BTW, 1.) Lois Griffin, 2.) Wonder Woman (she got a lasso, man) and 3.) Belle from “Beauty & the Beast.”

We asked our bartender, Tiffany, if she fantasizes about the Beast…when we all realized that that might be wrong, she inquired about Brian from “Family Guy.” My bar is better than your bar.

Fetish or Fake Fetish – Don’t ask me how we got on the topic but burping came up. And somehow we wondered aloud whether or not there are people with burp fetishes. We immediately went to Pornhub’s search function and found no less than 7 results including: girl burp, bbw burp, belly burp and burping compilation. Who knew?!?!?

While I’m sure there is a better name for the game, you give the contestant a random category they decide whether it is a fetish or not. We tried “granite counter tops” – nope. “marbles” – yep (Jenna Marbles, swallowing marbles.) “tire iron” – nope. “air bnb” – yep

They Broke My Shit – Movers dropped a piano worth nearly $200k. The owner, a Canadian virtuoso named Angela Hewitt said, “I adored this piano. It was my best friend, best companion. I loved how it felt when I was recording — giving me the possibility to do anything I wanted,” she said. “Now it is no longer.” (I think she might have been having sex with it on the side. But that’s just me.”

  • Obviously, you could nightmare movers stories. Have you had someone help you move stuff and they broke it?
  • Were you the one…the clumsy dipshit who dropped someone else’s valuable item?

Married Him To Pay Her BillsThat’s what movie producer Jon Peters is claiming after his 12-day marriage to Pamela Anderson ended up in the toilet. “I dropped everything for Pam,” he claimed, according to Page Six. “She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool.” Awwww, shit, “I ain’t she a gold digger…”

  • Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Yeah, I get it, you’re supposed to marry for love…but Pam was short $200k and hooked herself a sugar daddy.
  • On a smaller scale, have you been used for money? Maybe it was something simple as dinner…or someone’s cell bill or rent? How long before you realized they only wanted one thing and that was the paper?