Idea Sheet 2/10/2020

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I Cannot with Russell Wilson’s New Do – Yikes! You’ve seen this right?

This is what happens when you let your wife/SO/girlfriend style you. Didn’t something similar happen with the GOAT Tom Brady. Didn’t he runway it up with a hairstyle that you know had Giselle’s fingerprints all over it.

  • Have you ever tried to makeover your boyfriend/husband? That would be with the hair, or style of clothing any of it…if so, how did that turn out.
  • On the male side of it…how much shit did you get from your buddies when you showed up after your SO made you over?

Company Party Bad Behavior – Over dinner, the other night, some friends who own a PR company told us about a company party where they had an open bar…until they found out that one of their employee’s dates was ordering shots of Johnnie Walker Blue. (He didn’t say how much each shot cost but it’s $25 – $65 depending where you are, right?) They put an end to that pretty quickly. They never told me what the total damage was but did mention that they found out that the guy, in question, wasn’t even the employee’s boyfriend. He was a Tinder date!

  • When did YOUR guest embarrass you at a company function?
  • Should you ever, ever, ever take a Tinder date to a company function? Most would say, “No way” But, would this not be an amazing test of one’s true character and whether or not they could be trusted…taking them to a company function?
  • Is the lack of judgement on the employee’s part a fireable offense?
  • When did someone bring an inappropriate guest to a party or event?
  • True story: When I got married back in ’04, my buddy Phil’s date was a prostitute. I’m not kidding. He came from back east and paid for a girl to join him at my wedding. Now, some would find that insulting. I thought it was a bold move. I, to this day, do not think my wife has any knowledge that we had a hooker at our wedding.

Valentines Day Around the World – Maybe make this into a game where you mix in real Valentines Day celebrations that happen around the world with made up celebrations:

  • On February 14th women pin the name of a love interest on their shirtsleeves. Basically, their hearts on their sleeves. For some men they learn, on that day, of their secret admirer. South Africa
  • Couples release a helium balloon into the sky while friends and family look on. Other potential suitors try to shoot down the balloon using a slingshot. If the balloon is popped…the couple breaks up immediately and the man that popped the balloon begins his courtship of the newly single female. Not real
  • Women gather for a bonfire where they burn pictures of men who have wronged them. They curse and hurl insults at the opposite sex. France
  • On February 14th, men also give women gaekkebrev, a “joking letter” consisting of a funny poem or rhyme written on intricately cut paper and signed only with anonymous dots. If a woman who receives the gaekkebrev can correctly guess the sender, she earns herself an Easter egg later that year. Denmark
  • The annual festival of the Bleeding Heart is a gathering of unmarried men and women. Women write their initials on their face and walk with a piece of cloth as a blindfold. When a man chooses his partner he carves her initials into his arm with a knife and confronts the blindfolded woman. She removes blindfold, if interested she wraps the piece of cloth around the bloody carved initials on his arm. Not Real
  • Jack Valentine sneaks around neighborhoods and knocks on doors. Old Father Valentine is never seen but leaves candies and small gifts on porches for expectant children. England
  • Singles meet at a pub and drink copious amounts of alcohol. With the inhibitions relaxed, many pair off for late night dirty consensual sex only to never speak that person again. EVERYWHERE

Alexa Valentines Day Theater – I’m going to produce this up with an intro and out. Basically, you take the best, short, romantic lines from movies and have Alexa say the line. The contestant has to guess what movie the line came from. For example: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.” – Notting Hill. Maybe the contestant has to get 3 out of 5.