Idea sheet 2/03/2020

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Shakira or a Goat – Might be a fun contest, I think. After the Super Bowl halftime show, you couldn’t scan Twitter without someone posting something about her tongue thing…so intriguing and so hot.

Take random goat sfx and random Shakira stuff and see if people can decide whether it is a goat or the co-host of the Super Bowl halftime show.

Moms on the Super Bowl Halftime Show – I am not offended whatsoever. But, my mom, on the other hand, is old and conservative and think both Shakira and J-Lo are hussies. I mean, I think we can all agree that tandem ass shaking should be an Olympic sport, but for my mom, it was all unnecessary and over-the-top. J-Lo’s personal tribute to stripper poles was my favorite followed by her super duper “Say hello to crotch” slide was in a close third. If you have a mom on the show that can play this role, do it. We had an older lady at the Super Bowl party I was at and she said, “The ladies on Facebook do not approve of any of this.” My mom would go off about how there is no need for “this spectacle” on TV. She would rather have marching bands and “Up with People.”

Collab Not Compete – I saw several women upset about this Page Six clickbait comparing J-Lo and Shakira. I see the point that they are collaborating for a halftime show and the idea that you should not pit one talented woman against another. However, the Super Bowl is nothing but about pitting talented men against one another. Now, the halftime show wasn’t a “dance off.” Shakira didn’t say, “Oh, it’s already been brought’n.” Can’t you compare the two like you would any two performers and explain why you thought one was better? They do it during awards season. You do it when you see a concert. “Man, the opening act was way better than the headliner.” How is it wrong to compare and contrast two performers? If you do, in this case, with two amazingly talented FEMALE performers, you’re suddenly making them compete against one another. And? The downsize for men who disagree is you are labeled a sexist. The world is about competition. Collaboration is wonderful and should be done at every turn…but it’s still competition. Those two compete every day. They compete for ticket sales. They compete for airplay. They compete for music sales. The difference between them and real life is, if they don’t get the part or the deal…they’re not going hungry. In real life, if you lose the competition, you’re out on your ear.

  • Is it fair to compare J-Lo & Shakira’s individual performances in a collaborative performance?
  • Is this just another form of sexism? Men pitting a successful, talented woman against another successful, talented woman?