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Next Time the Ren Faire Comes to Town – Inevitably, your show will have to give away tickets to the Renaissance Faire. Why not have some fun with it? Why not make some really great video. This seems like it would be hilarious to me on the air.

Yeah, That Figures – When I saw that actor David Koechner, best known, at least to me, as Champ Kind in “Anchorman” and Todd Packer on “The Office” was busted for DUI, for the second time in five months, I’m like, yeah, that figures.

I mean, if you look at the characters he typically plays. I am not shocked in the least. So, let’s come up with categories, and you identify which celebrity (or cast member on your show) could you totally see in that scenario.
Found passed out nekkid somewhere publicly.
Is discovered to have multiple, previously unknown of, children (Herschel Walker excluded)
At a Starbucks buying coffees for everyone.
Found to have made a sex tape.
Busted for a large amount of drugs…let’s say coke or heroin.
Causing an international incident.

The Return of the Alpha Male – Is it me or has the “tough guy” made a comeback? I can’t explain whether it’s a backlash in retaliation of “wokeness.” I’m not sure if it’s a testosterone-laden comeback inspired from Donald J. Trump. Whether it’s guns or gay rights, mask mandates or school board meetings – the alpha male is back putting the ASS back in assertive. This Buzzfeed article – 26 Men Who Tried Embarrassingly Hard To Prove They Were Tough, But It Backfired, Because Now We Just Think They’re Pathetic.

They typically have a certain kind of shirt on, don’t they? I find that most have a baseball cap on. They’re mode of transportation is, for the most part, a lifted truck. And they will be damned to recognize the WNBA as a sport.

The question is, “Are they pathetic?” What do women think? You could use some of the scenarios and ask women how it makes them feel? Guys need not apply. Do women want a “man’s man” anymore? My wife seemingly wants certain aspects of the “man’s man” but other traits not so much.