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Like, Follow, Block – I saw Fallon do this bit with Shawn Mendes. If you don’t know, it’s basically, “Marry, Fuck, Kill” but on a much more G-rated level. Same scenario, give the listeners three celebrities and roll with it. Fallon and Kimmel have really created a ton of bits that should have done first and can be done on the air. Steal it.

Couple on Long Flight Sits Apart – I saw the below post on Twitter. What’s your take?

That is fucked up, right? Now, I’m not saying it’s not allowed or that the couple broke any rules but c’mon?!? That’s a special kinda evil, especially if they’re talking to one another around you. What if they’re handing each other snacks or sharing headphones.

I think the least they can do, in this situation, is act like they don’t know one another. Period. They’re just two separate passengers headed to the same location. You see, my wife loves the aisle. I love the window but we would sit together. She would take the middle seat because she’s small. The only reason she dislikes the middle is because she doesn’t want to bother the occupant of the aisle seat when she has to use the toilet.

Is this some sort of breach of etiquette? Is this right up there with the, now taboo, decision of putting your seat back?

Crypto – I don’t understand it. I’ve read about it and I don’t get it. You have to mine for bitcoin by solving some difficult mathematical equation…or something. And then there’s something about a blockchain. It’s worth a ton…although right now, sketchy…but it uses a whole shit-ton of electricity.

I’ve had people try to recruit me via my Insta DM. I’ve had very cultish people talk it up and try to explain it to me at bars. One guy was like, “It’s free regulations and banks and the government can’t get their fingers in it.” Okay. So what you’re saying is there are people that are really good at this stuff and they kinda control it. It’s then possible, without any type of government oversight, that they could just take what you’ve done and you have zero recourse.

Oh, back to my previous point, WHAT THA FUCK IS IT!?!?

What else in this world do you just not get? Can anyone explain crypto in a Sesame Street-level of understanding? I listened to a podcast about wind. Yes, wind. How it works? Why it gets windy. Fascinating. However, I still don’t know what the fuck they were talking about.