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Johnny Depp – Show Me the Money – With compensatory and punitive damages of $15 million coming his way, as a result of his defamation verdict against Amber Heard, the Pirates star can finally plan for the future.

While both film stars did win defamation claims against each other, Mr. Depp’s combination of $10m in compensatory and $5m in punitive damages far outweighed Ms. Heard’s compensatory damages against Depp totalling $2 million.

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth Depp’s fortune will jump more than 10% upon payment by his ex-wife. The issue may be, Ms. Heard does not have that kind of money. The same website claims the Aquaman actress has a net worth of negative $8 million.

What do you think Johnny should do?I mean, should he demand that money. Force Amber into driving ride share or filing a BK? I kinda believe that he should reach out and say, “Look, just pay for my attorneys, okay? And, sign this here non-disclosure agreement. The NDA would specify that if Amber doesn’t keep his name out her mouth for eternity, he can come after all the money.

Do you believe the verdict was just? I understand that Amber came across as incredibly unlikeable, at least in the clips I saw. However, I’ve always felt in my gut that there was smoke from some of that fire. I worry that Johnny’s star power eclipsed any chance Amber had at a fair judgement. I’m constantly empathetic to the feeling that the woman is getting screwed over. However, I am open to being wrong. Maybe she’s just an asshole.

A Game I Call Ya Heard? – If you can find some of Amber’s most curious or provocative quotes and mix them up with some ridiculous ones you made up yourself. If she said it the contestant must say, “Ya heard.”

“I’m just like any other girl, a sucker for romance.” – YA HEARD
“I believe I actually got the Aquaman role because 23 and Me said I was part mermaid.” X
“I’ve always been a private person. I’ve always valued my private life.” – YA HEARD
“Pirates of the Carabiner. That would be cool. Rock climbing pirates. Cool!” – X
“Elon Musk is a dick.” X (Maybe though. We can’t confirm.)
“I have been in my fair share of both onscreen and off screen fights.” – YA HEARD
“I will straight murder that biotch, Camille Vasquez.” – X
“I guess I better start that Only Fans page.” YA HEARD (No, not really.)

You get the idea.

Got Lost at the Ball Game – I mean, people get lost all the time. I don’t have a great sense of direction but we went to a Marlins game and somehow ended up getting all confused. I went out the wrong door and ended up walking around the entire stadium. That’s the thing though. The stadium’s a friggin’ oval…so, how do you get lost, right? I blame signage. We parked in the “home plate” garage, so I assumed if we exited near home plate, we would find the garage. No. Most cases, I believe it’s the lack of signage that is the issue.
Where did you find yourself lost? How stupid was it on your part…and/or did the getting lost really screw something up.

Do You Rage Clean? Is this really a thing. I thought it was funny. Some woman, married with kids, posted something about it on Facebook. No one will lift a finger to help her. So, she goes on a “rage clean.” She’s washing dishes and banging everyone of them…she’s vacuuming while people are trying to sleep. She’s ranting and raving while she folds laundry…blasting her music extra loud…like Nine Inch Nails.
Have you done this? Did it get the desired reaction? Did the kids or your sigother smartly, and quickly begin helping?