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Nickname Status – At point in a relationship, friendship or otherwise do you reach nickname status? I have a buddy named Johnny. We’ve hung out a couple dozen times over the past nine months. Am I in a spot where I can call him “J,” “J-Dog,” “Jizzle” or “J Wizzle?” Now, I’m unaware of any of friends that call him anything but “Johnny” but I’m a verbally affectionate guy.

I had a co-worker who would instantly go for the nickname. Barely introduced, and he would shorten the name and be cutsie about it. Is that endearing or an unrequited desire to be liked? The conversation went like this:

“Hi, this is Stephanie.”

“Oh, hey, Steph.”

“Um, yeah, my name is Stephanie.”

Now, there’s a good chance that many would feel that Stephanie was being a bit irritable about the nickname use. Or, was she being protective against over-familiarity?

Do you ever want to be the nickname guy? You know the guy who always has a “cool” nickname for everybody or is that pushing into Michael Scott territory? How soon is too soon to use a nickname?

You’ve Been Served – I read that Olivia Wilde was served custody papers from Jason Sudeikis while on stage at CinemaCon at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. In Sudeikis’ defense, he didn’t serve them nor had any control when or where they would be presented.

Come to think of it, how do you serve the rich and famous? Is there any other way except a public appearance? You wouldn’t be able to get to them otherwise. Regardless of Sudeikis having anything to do with the process, it still reflects poorly on him, does it not?

Have you been served? If so, was it awkward or embarrassing?

I have a friend whose daughter was suing for custody. The father was out of state, and refused to let her know where he worked or his home address. The attorney couldn’t have the papers served until he was found. A little investigation took place and he was served at his place of business in front of his co-workers.

Have you gleefully had someone served in the most embarrassing situation possible?

Ooh, You’re Soooo Edgy – Did you read about the South Korean DJ who was removed from an American Airlines flight for offensive clothing?

Hwang So-hee, you may know her as DJ Soda, was wearing sweatpants that displayed various uses of the “f-word.” She was removed from her NY to LA flight but returned after she turned the offending sweatpants inside out.

American Airlines policies prohibit offensive clothing. So, I get the fact, that if you don’t like it, then fly Spirit or another airline where the word FUCK can be displayed on anything and everything.

I don’t really get offended at anything, really. I love the “f-word.” I am fluent in “f-word,” however, I try and respect other people in public situations where the usage of said expletive is frowned upon. I guess, I also try and be empathetic to parents who don’t necessarily want the “f-word” thrown about casually.

On “Your Airlines” do you kick DJ Soda off for the curse word sweatpants?

There’s a pizza joint, we order pies from every now and then. I, typically, go and pick up the order. The girl working the counter had some graphic tee on that read, something to the effect, “See if I fuckin’ care,” on it. While not offended, I just thought that it was unprofessional. Honestly, it made me question if the business had any standards whatsoever. I mean, if she’s wearing that, do they care about sanitation? Is the food stored at proper temperatures? Hahaha. Ya know what I mean?

In a “professional” situation, customer service included, are you bothered, in the least, by inappropriate clothing?