Idea Sheet

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I Will Never Trust Anyone Enough to ___________ – I saw a dude on a motorcycle driving responsibly on the main road near my house. A child, I assumed it was his daughter, was gripping for dear life on the back. She had a helmet on so it wasn’t like he was being reckless or unsafe.

It crossed my mind that I don’t trust anyone enough to ride on the back of a motorcycle. No fucking way. I don’t care how great of a rider you are. You could be the Tom Brady of motorcycle riders and I am not getting on the back of a bike with you. Even Tom Brady throws the occasional incomplete pass. I don’t want to be that pass that flies off of your bike, incomplete into a light pole. What is it for you? What would you never trust someone enough to do?

Secondary observation. I don’t get parents putting their kids on the back of a motorcycle…ever. Okay, and I get it, if that’s your only mode of transportation, you do what you have to do but otherwise, no way!

Why would you risk your child’s life by putting them on a moving vehicle with only their head protected. I do understand that accidents happen and children are injured in cars all the time. But at least with a car, there’s a steel cage, airbags and seatbelts that protect your child from a human water balloon tossed at 45 miles per hour.

And for the reasons above; I know you’re a safe driver. I know you’re an excellent motorcycle rider but that doesn’t protect you from all of the other distracted morons on the road. Would you ever allow your kid on the back of a motorcycle? I’m not arguing your rights as a parent, but if you think there’s no problem with it, offer up an expiation.

The Divorce List – My daughter came home from work and she told a story about her boss and her “divorce list.” Apparently, anytime her husband does something she doesn’t like, she announces that she’s putting that action on her divorce list.

Besides the obvious: adultery, being mean to a pet, voting for Donald Trump, what minor, even Seinfeldian type observations or occurrences would go on your divorce list?

Picturing Someone Naked – I used to have a co-host who believed her super power was the ability to see exactly what someone would look naked. Every super power can be a curse, I guess. Who have you pictured naked and why?

Now, this lends itself to objectifying the opposite sex…I’m okay with that as long as it’s not a bunch of dumb ogling dudes. If your audience is familiar enough with your show…ask them if they have pictured anyone on the show and have them describe what they imagined.