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What Say You on S’mores? – It’s not that I dislike S’mores. The flavor combination of marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker really is quite delicious. It’s just the effort to reward ratio is outta whack, IMO. I have to plan ahead for s’mores. Because I’m not seven years old, I don’t have a ready supply of any of the necessary ingredients. What grown man has a box of Honey Maids in their kitchen? Or marshmallows for that matter.

Then to prepare…don’t you need an open fire? Don’t you require a stabby stick to scorch the mallow? I don’t know where to find stabby sticks. While camping sure…there are ready-made stabby sticks all over the forest. I don’t have anything like that at home. And where the hell am I going to have a fire…in an apartment? You can’t do your marshmallows over a gas stove. It tastes funny.

Let’s say we get all the ingredients. Let’s say we have sticks and fire. Then it’s just a fucking mess, right? You gotta cook the marshmallow just right…I don’t want soot all over mine and you gotta put in on the graham cracker without it breaking and then the chocolate. Invariably, you get marshmallow all over your hands. It’s the kind of sticky that just doesn’t go away quickly, ya know? For me, S’mores aren’t worth it.

Final Verdict – I suppose everyone has done some version of this, I guess. My concept would be you take a topic like the S’mores one above. You take input, calls, texts, whatever. Add your p’s and q’s and come up with a final verdict. You keep that in a show book of final verdicts and post on the website. Have it handy when someone calls in or asks about whatever the topic was. “What was the final verdict on cyclists?” Well, we have determined that they’re elitist, entitled buttholes who believe they own the road and do not have to follow any of the rules of the road. So decreed on January 10, 2022.

Posting Pics with Dead Celebrities – What’s the rule on this? I have a photo with the now late comedian Bob Saget.

Back in 2008, Bob came into the studio and we gotta pic. He did a lot of radio morning shows to promote his gigs across the country. So, he dies, and I see a lot of jocks posting their Saget pics with the appropriate caption, RIP and whatnot.

Seriously, what is the purpose of it. Is it really a way of showing respect for the deceased. “Hey, Bob was a great guy
when he was forced to get outta bed and visit a bunch of chowder heads at 7am to try and push ticket sales at the Chuckle Hut.” Or…is posting that pic more for our own egos? “Hey, I once spent ten minutes with Bob Saget. He’s dead now…but check it. That ME and Bob Saget. Cool, huh?”

I don’t know the answer except to say, it makes me feel a little ookie…so, I don’t do it. I’m pretty sure, however, if I would have passed first, Bob would have surely posted that pic of he and I.

Which Celeb Death Hit You the Hardest?  – It’s interesting to me, the mourning involved for some people when a celebrity passes. You didn’t know them, really. You may have grown up with them. Their character(s) may have created an emotional attachment to your psyche along the way. 

Maybe when somebody famous dies, it reminds us of our own mortality. I mean, if this powerful, rich, famous person can die…well, shit. I’m fucked! There’s no escaping it. Betty White’s death hit a lot of people hard. But, ya know, she was 99. It wasn’t all that expected. Bob Saget is a blow perhaps because it was so unexpected. 

The younger ones sting a little bit. Heath Ledger, Tupac, Amy Winehouse or Kurt Cobain hit home because their whole, talented lives were ahead of them. For me, the only celeb that passed that rocked me a bit was Robin Williams. I grew up watching him. I friggin’ loved him in Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting. I found those two characters to be so impactful. Too soon. Morbid topic…but which celeb death surprisingly upset you?