Idea Sheet 12/9/2019

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What is your drunk food? – Nothing ground breaking here but you will get passionate responses. I was out last night and all I wanted was Taco Bell. I had to have two bean burritos, a soft taco and a Diet Mt Dew. Of course, what I really wanted was In-n-Out but it was after 1am and so then I went to the back up plan and it was delicious.

No Response “Alicia and I have been dating for two years. We’re both are divorced. We don’t live together and we remain pretty independent but we are in a committed relationship. Friday, I asked if her she wanted to meet after work and she was non-committal. She said she wanted to get a workout in, so on and so forth. Just the way she said it was unusual…I don’t know why. It just did. She told me to text her when I was done and we’d try and figure something out. An hour passes and I text her. No response. I wait another 15 and I call her. No response. She doesn’t get back to me until almost 10:30. I’m like, WTF?!?!? She finally admits that she didn’t workout, instead she met a male co-worker for drinks. She told me they were sharing ugly divorce stories. I asked, “Why didn’t you respond?” She said that she didn’t notice right away and didn’t want to be rude. Obviously, you know what’s going through my mind. She said nothing happened and that’s she allowed to have male friends. Um, yeah, but ya don’t think this smells a little fishy?

Things Men Say That Women Hate – I came across this article while scrounging about the inter webs and it listed things men say that women absolutely can’t stand. For example, “I can’t believe you at the whole thing!” Jesus, my wife would straight up fork stab me for that one. How about the word, “Moist?” It’s listed as well.

  • Later, flip it what do you say that infuriates your man?
  • In your relationship, what is the trigger word or phrase that indicates there’s going to be a throw down?

Smoking Around a Pregnant Woman – Now, in Nevada, you can still smoke, for the most part, anywhere you choose…so, this may not fully apply. I was at a PT’s Pub and you can smoke in the bar. The server…not bartender…but server was at least seven months pregnant. She’s gotta work. I get it. At times, if I’m drinking, I like to have a smoke. I see that she’s with child so I refrain. But, there were plenty of other people enjoying their Marlboro Reds and puffing away. Is that on the mother-to-be? The argument could be made that she shouldn’t be working a job that could bring harm to her unborn child. The customer came in and is allowed to smoke…and he/she ain’t raisin’ that child…why should they care? Or, maybe ya don’t light up, ya degenerate, and this one time let the mother breathe some clean air, she’s got mouths to feed.

Hair Vegas – We had a local magician, Murray Sawchuck on and he has some very recognizable hair. How about an online March Madness type bracket for Best Hair of Vegas. Mane Madness is dumb but something like that. You could use Fox 5 weatherman Ted Pretty (bald), Raiders owner Mark Davis, attorney Farhan Naqvi…etc. Do online voting…get a SuperCuts or some other hair-related entity to sponsor it.