Idea Sheet 12/3/2019

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I Got You a Gift – We’ve all pulled this. I have friends who celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. We spaced the party and the gift. The next time I saw them, I had yet to get a gift but told them I had forgotten it. I know they didn’t believe me but I kept up with the ruse. I did finally buy a gift and by the time I saw them again, I had their daughter’s gift in a decorative bag complete with card and tissue paper.

  • Who has stuck with the “I forgot the gift” claim the longest? Kayla said she has three different gifts at her house that she hasn’t delivered. (Sure she does. hahahahah
  • How long have YOU been waiting on that gift from someone that promised it? Is there one that you NEVER received?

Never Have I Ever – Three people from the category selected on the phone. They only to respond to “yes” or “no” questions by hitting the “1” button on their phones. Photo Counter Employee (i.e. Caller one, you’re a drug store photo counter employee with eight years experience…caller two, former photo counter employee at a national chain four years ago…etc…)

  • Have you seen photos that involve nudity?
  • Did you print out one of the nudes for yourself?
  • Did you ever have to refuse prints to someone due to content?
  • Did you ever have to report someone to the authorities due to content?
  • Did you ever try to hit on a customer after seeing their prints?

My S/O is Going to Cause Me to Lose My Job – “I work as an assistant manager of a pretty popular restaurant that treats all of us like garbage. Obviously, I have communicated this to my boyfriend…and it makes him so angry. Now, what he does is he blisters my restaurant and its management on YELP. I mean constantly. It’s gotten to the point that the manager believes it’s someone associated with an employee and has warned all of us if he finds out that that’s the case, we will be fired.”

  • Have you ever been reprimanded or fired due to the actions of an angry significant other?
  • Have you been the anonymous YELPer that has complained about your place of employment? What happened?

I’ve Never Been Soooo Lucky – You saw that dude in Michigan who won a $2,500 scratcher and then months later hit a lottery jackpot for $2m. Tell us about…gambling or not…when you were so incredibly lucky. I’ve told you about the time at Bdubs. Brian, the bartender, handed me a stray ticket worth $.50. I put it in the machine and decided to play $.25 Keno. I played the numbers that were left by the last guy. The first quarter..nothing. The second…7 out of 8 for $400+.