Idea Sheet 12/2/2019

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F. U. Christmas Lights – “The neighbor across the street from me does an amazing job decorating for Christmas. People come from all over Vegas to see their house. It’s only my second Christmas in this house and last year, while frustrating at times, with all the people clogging up my neighborhood with their cars and whatnot, I did my best to stay in the holiday spirit. Now, neighbors on each side have joined the decorating craze. And it has gotten crazy…even last night…people were walking through my neighborhood after 11pm…of course, it’s not their neighborhood so they’re loud and disrespectful. It’s bad enough the lights are bright enough every night, that my room looks like midday. Is it too much to ask my neighbors to turn the lights off at 10pm? I know. I know. I sound like the “get off my lawn woman” but it’s only begun and it’s only going to get worse.

  • When did Christmas get out of control?
  • Yeah, the simple response is, “go talk to them” but can you? You have to live in the same neighborhood with these people…If you have an HOA do you go to them? Do you call the cops?

Christmas Shamed – “My office goes a little nutty for Christmas. It’s nice, really. They do a tree and decorate much of the common areas. Everyone does their own cubicles with lights, and all matter of decoration. I don’t do anything. Christmas is not my thing. I don’t decorate and it’s as if I spit on Santa Claus. People call me Bah humbug. Yes, Bah humbug. It’s 2019. Then, yesterday, our over-the-top, in everyone’s business office manager decorated my cubicle while I was gone. WTH?!?! So, I took it down, put it in a box and placed it on her desk. Is this world so Christmas crazy that there is no room for those of us who don’t get into it? I’m tired of being Christmas shamed. “

  • Whose office goes Christmas crazy?
  • Too late for this year…but a “Christmas Cubicle Contest.” Do it as web content. Sell it…the winning office gets a Christmas lunch hosted by the show…
  • Flip it…and find the office with zero Christmas spirit and our little elves, (promotions staff) will go in at night and decorate the office. Sell it to a $.99 Cent Store…post the before/after on the website.

Alexa Holiday Theater – You find the most the most memorable quotes from your favorite holiday movies. And you record Alexa saying the lines. You play the line on the air and a listener has to identify which holiday movie it comes from.

Is It Time to Sexify Santa? – I saw a story about Santa Steve somewhere in Canada. Apparently, he’s a fit, good looking Santa Claus…like a hipster version who gets a good cardio burn by making toys and tending to his reindeer. Let’s be honest, we’ve learned that obesity is a major problem in our country. Is it wise to have our children idolize a giant fat guy with poor taste in fashion? (Does anyone wear red velvet with white fur trim?) No. No one. Ever. I think it’s time to re-imagine Kris Kringle. Maybe he’s single, the beard’s trimmed and maybe just a little salt n’ pepper in it. Ya lose the sleigh. Maybe something a bit more modern…and no more reindeer…just a flying truck or cool looking Amazon van or something.