Idea Sheet 12/10/2019

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I Did It To Myself – On the south side of my driveway is a cherry tree that hangs down a little bit. I had my car parked along side it. Last night while trying to get into the car while simultaneously ducking my head, I hit the middle of my forehead with the corner of the door. I hit myself with the GD door. The result is a nearly one inch diagonal Frankenstein-like gash on my head.

  • What did you do to yourself, ya friggin’ clutz?
  • How did you hurt someone else, completely by accident, because of something stupid you were doing or just wrong place, wrong time?

Double Standard – Let me say right off the bat…that this does not bother me in the least. I am not offended. I am aware of a double standard that exists and that while we all may strive for equality…no matter what we do, it’s as elusive as a unicorn. At our Toy Drive, Chippendales showed up to donate. The four men arrived in a giant limo bus and exited shirtless wearing their trademarked bow ties. The minute the boys, with their chiseled torsos strolled across the parking lot, the lady folk went crazy. They ooohed and ahhhed and said things under their breath like, “Look at that!” They all had their phones out, snapping a pic of every pec and six pack. Again, I’m cool. The men look great. And I believe that most men don’t get offended by the reactions by females in situations like this. It does not bother me in the least.

Now, imagine, if you will, the scenario is flipped. Four bikini models exit the limo bus and the menfolk do the same thing. Right? In 2019?

I realize women, through the ages, have had to deal with sexism, catcalling and being objectified. But if things are truly equal…then is it not the same?

Holiday Bonuses – Did you see the New Jersey real estate company who offered up $10m in Christmas bonuses to its 198 employees. The amount was based on years with the company. The top bonus was $270k. The average bonus was $50k. We will not receive a holiday bonus at my company. In my years in radio, I think I got a $50 Fred Meyer gift certificate one year. That’s it. I may have gotten a free Christmas tree one year as well.

  • Are you getting a bonus this year? If so, how much?
  • If you did receive a bonus, what was the best/worst one you ever received? What did you do with it?