Idea Sheet 11/7/2019

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Your Favorite Kid – Steve Carell admitted that he does, in fact, have a favorite kid. He didn’t elaborate, however. Even though parents don’t want to admit it…you have a favorite. While, yes, you love all of your children equally, you have a favorite. My mom’s favorite is my brother, David. He’s the youngest. She’s closer to he and his family then she is to her three other children. Trump’s favorite is Ivanka, right? Has to be.

  • Admit it, you have a favorite? Why is he/she your fave?
  • Who is your parents’ favorite…Is it you?
  • Do you subconsciously favor one of your children over the other?

Turned On By Prayer – Model Ashley Graham admits that she gets turned on when she prays with her husband. “When we’re praying, it’s like, ‘Oh, sh*t. Oh, oh, do you feel that?’ The lights go down, the worship music goes up, and we’re like, ‘Hello!’…After we pray, ’cause priorities, we rip it off!” I’ve actually never heard of that before but if the spirit moves you. Not bad when you start praying to Jesus and finish by screaming out his dad’s name.

  • What peculiar thing do you do with your sigother that gets you going?
  • When did you get turned on at a particularly inopportune or inappropriate time?

Returning the Halloween Costume – We have a co-worker who purchased a $40 costume on Amazon. She wore it. “I only wore it ONCE,” was her defense. She is sending the costume back for a full refund even though it was used. Do a lot of people do this?

  • Has a crime been committed? Can you wear something once and send it back like it was never used? Is it a breach of ethics?
  • How many people have purchased an outfit for a wedding or fancy event and then gone back in and claim it didn’t fit…or some other excuse?
  • If you do return something like that…do you have to dry clean it first?

He Won’t Date Me Because of #MeToo – “I’ve worked at a car dealership as a parts manager for years. Understand, I’ve been hit on in every imaginable way…some more inappropriate than others. Right or wrong, I’ve built up a pretty thick skin. Yes, over the years, I’ve dated three sales guys total. Each time, I told myself I would never do it again. Then along Corey. Like any fool, I can hear myself saying, “But he’s different.” But he REALLY is. We’ve been flirting hard for six months. I keep waiting for him to ask me out. We really do have a connection. We’ve met up after work with co-workers a couple of times. This last Friday, I finally laid it out there…”Why haven’t you asked me out?” He said, “The #MeToo movement has scared him off from dating anyone he works with.” I tried to tell him that while I believe strongly in #MeToo and it doesn’t apply when it’s consensual. He would not relent. I’m now kinda hoping he gets fired or another job…ya know?