Idea Sheet 11/6/2019

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Your’e My Obsession – The niece and nephew’s school is having a penny drive. The grade with the most pounds of pennies get a pizza party or some shit. Like a lot of people I have a jug of spare change. In this case, it’s a giant plastic gallon jug formerly filled with apple juice. I had things to do yesterday but I COULD NOT stop sorting coins. Sifting the silver from the copper became an OCD thing. 8 pounds of pennies, total, by the way. I had another 8 pounds of silver. CoinStar here I come!

  • What is your weird obsession…or something, if you start, you just can’t stop until it’s done?
  • What do you keep the spare change in? How long has it been sitting in the cupboard or on the dresser (mine? 7 years) ?
  • When you finally took the bucket of coins to CoinStar were you shocked at how much $$$ was in there?

The Great Cracker Debate of 2019 – While shoving Ritz crackers with slices of mild cheddar cheese down my cake hole, the family began debating which was the best cracker. I, with rogue crumbs shooting from my mouth, announced that Ritz was the best. My daughter said she was a Chicken in a Biskit were the best. Sure, they’re great but the combination of seasoning and grease on your fingers is alarming and makes you feel like you’ve eaten something that is absolutely horrible for you. Triscuit, without a doubt was the worst. Our, unofficial cracker rankings were as followed. 1.) Ritz, 2.) Chicken in a Biskit, 3.) Wheat Thins, 4.) Goldfish, 5.) Cheeze Nips, 6.) Triscuit

  • I know it’s stupid sounding…but what is the best cracker?
  • My wife was indifferent to the discussion because she is a “chip girl.” She doesn’t do crackers. So, chips or crackers?

The Bird – The woman who lost her job after flipping off the president’s motorcade, won a county seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. Juli Briskman is her name. Trump’s golf course is in her district.

  • When was the last time you gave someone or something the finger? (Road rage will be a likely response…move past those…)
  • Were there any repercussions for your fowl gesture?

Nipple Accents – People reports that the full story on why Kanye had an issue with Kim’s sexy Met Gala gown was because they had fake nipples inside the dress. (Is anything on that woman real?) She decided that her kids might see that and so she compromised and had the nipple accents removed.

  • Is anyone listening wearing, or has worn, nipple accents? Is there a secret nipple accent aisle at Sephora? Where do you buy these?
  • Come clean…what are you wearing or what do you have that is fake? (Eyelashes to purses and everything in between)
  • Although it would be difficult to get someone to fall on the sword but…who listening is the most fake? What’s the over/under? Or maybe rat out that friend that is the most fake?

No More TVs in the Kids’ Room – On The Real, Kim said that Kanye had the TVs removed from the kids’ rooms. I imagine that could be a tough debate with parents. — “My husband read somewhere that a TV in a child’s room stunts their intellectual growth. So, without consulting me, he went in to our 6 y/o and 10 y/o rooms, while they were at school, and removed the TVs. He was able to do this, unchecked, because I work days and he works nights. He doesn’t seem to understand that after a long day’s work, the TVs in the kids’ rooms are often times my savior. Obviously, the kids were upset. My 10 y/o daughter is like, ‘I get good grades. What’s dad’s problem?’ We all argued about it but he won’t relent. So, the kids, with mom ‘looking the other way’ have gone the way of the iPad before bed. Shit hit the fan yesterday morning…when he came home to find my daughter asleep with the iPad on her chest.