Idea Sheet 11/26/19

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Too Soon for a Wedding Invite – “Jeremy and I started dating three weeks ago. We moved a little too quick, I’ll admit. I put the brakes on it a bit…we’ve gone out several times. I like him and I know he would like to go back to the faster pace of our first two dates…if you know what I mean. But after only three weeks, he’s invited me to his sister’s wedding in San Diego. We’d have to go, pretty much, for the weekend. TOO SOON, right? I get it. We’re dating, but a family member’s wedding this soon? A road trip this soon? My friend said, “It’s a free trip to Cali. What’s wrong with you?”  If we get drunk and do “stuff” when we get back he’s going to think I’m his girlfriend. I’m not sure I want that, yet.”

My Father-in-Law “The Napper” – “It’s been a couple of years but my in-laws are landing on Wednesday from Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with us. In years past, my FIL enjoys all matter of the Thanksgiving feast. He drowns himself in bourbon, gorges himself on all the trimmings, camps out on the couch for football then removes his shoes, puts his feet up and falls asleep on the couch for no less than two hours. He takes up the entire couch with zero apologies and snores like an industrial site. It’s embarrassing. It’s like I want to take my couch and install some of those dividers they build into bus stop benches. My husband and his mother just laugh it off…but I find it to be incredibly rude. We’ll have 20 people over and that slob pretty much takes over the entire living room.”

Thanks or No Thanks – What you can and can do without on Thanksgiving.

Pumpkins carved with a Thanksgiving Theme
Vegan Thanksgiving
A decorated Christmas tree
Stove Top stuffing
Pecan Pie
Green Bean Casserole
Canned Cranberry Sauce
Post-Dinner Movie
Jell-O Salad
Turkey Trot
Thanksgiving Thankful Tree
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Thanksgiving-themed Arts & Crafts

Strange Thanksgiving Traditions – Do you have one with your family? I found a website with a list of some pretty funny and weird Turkey Day traditions.  Some examples:

  • We name and dance with our turkey when we clean it prior to stuffing it and cooking it. My parents did it when I was a kid and now I do it with my kids. Only my kids look at me like I am nuts.
  • My 83 year old father has this novelty breast mug with a hole where the nipple is. Well, it started out as a sick joke, one year, that we’d put the gravy in the mug and well, it kinda stuck! Now every year we have a breast mug on our table, filled with gravy that squirts out of the nipple hole. It has become a family staple.
  • I have two brothers and a sister…our cousins are all about the same age…we range from 25 – 31 and every Thanksgiving we take a secret ballot of who has been the biggest loser, idiot and what not over the past 12 months and they are charged with sitting at the kids’ table for the entire meal. I’m champ two years running, so ya know.