Idea Sheet 11/27/2019

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Thief! – The story came out Camila Cabello while a guest at Kensington Palace stole a pencil. Yeah, I know, not the biggest theft of all time. On a podcast she apologized to both William and Kate and mentioned that she had to steal the pencil because someone “triple-doggy dared” her.

  • As a guest, what did you steal? I took an old school dial up telephone from a swanky LA hotel some years ago. I still have it.
  • Do you recall the last time you were, as Camila put it, “triple-doggy dared?” What did you do? How old were you? (I was dared to ride a skateboard down a steep hill. I did so, sans shirt, and ended up in the hospital. I did collect $5 American, however, for my troubles.)

I’m Sorry, I’m Not a Crier – We stumbled upon “Marley & Me” last night. I had never seen it all the way through nor had my wife. Well, as I’ve heard, the movie can make one tear up. My wife was practically weeping at the end. I didn’t shed a tear. It was as if I had insulted her with my bone-dry eyes. She blew her nose then made some claim that I was soulless and then refused to bring me up some water when she returned from downstairs. I’m sorry. I’m not a crier. Very few things make me emotional. I think, as a child, I cried when I saw “E.T.”, the first time. I cried at the end of “Toy Story 3” but that’s about it.

  • When did your perceived lack of emotion get you in trouble?
  • Are you the opposite…do you cry at the drop of a hat? (Why would someone cry over that, by the way?) What was the most ridiculous thing you cried over?
  • Tell us about the movie that made you completely lose it?
  • Where was the most ridiculous PLACE you cried? Didn’t Kayla say she cried during spin class?

Puppy Surprise – A puppy was given as a gift from Priyanka Chopra to her husband, Nick Jonas in advance of their 1st anniversary. Gino the German Shepherd. What a horrible gift? Please discuss. I suppose if there was a discussion and a puppy was a desired gift, it’s okay. My God, who wants to deal with gift that’s going to eat your shoes and furniture and piss and shit everywhere? I suppose if you’re wealthy and can have assistants feed, walk and clean up after it…that might be cool. Terrible gift, I think.

  • Seriously, do you want a puppy as a gift? Here…how about a bunch of responsibility…oh, and the expense that comes with it.
  • Tell us about that gift you received that turned out to be a complete nightmare?