Idea Sheet 11/25/2019

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Is The Black Friday Mall “Thing” Still a Thing? – I remember maybe 10 years ago going to the Charleston Outlets for Black Friday. We didn’t go to buy anything. We went to people watch and it was fascinating. People standing in a long line just to get into the Coach outlet. Every year there’s always at least one or two videos of a Walmart or some other large retailer where security loses its advantage and there’s anarchy over discounted consumer electronics.

  • What is your Black Friday plan? Do you head to a retailer for its “doorbusters.”
  • Has anyone got into any drama with someone else over a Black Friday doorbuster…I remember hearing someone tell us once about a fight back when the Furby was a thing.
  • Do you go, not to shop, but to enjoy the excitement of holiday shopping?

Letting People Borrow Stuff – Was at Bdubs over the weekend and got into a conversation with servers, Kelli & Brian. It seems, Kelli let a guy borrow some sort of car battery charging device. He said he would bring it back in a week. She’s like…um okay. She wanted it back now…but she’s too polite. Brian, on the other hand, has a strict no borrowing policy. He will not let anyone borrow anything…ever. Someone else in the bar was irritated because he let his brother-in-law borrow a shovel and it hasn’t been returned in three months. He said, “I know it’s only a shovel.” I responded, “Yeah, but it’s YOUR shovel.”

  • Tell us about the time you lent someone something and you never got it back.
  • Did you ever borrow something…break it…or not return it at all?

Toy Survey – In front of Black Friday, what is the “it” toy. I know this the thing you see on Today or in articles posted on Redbook’s website. But we have a ton of parents listening with children and those children want a particular toy. What is that toy? It seems like various versions of the LOL Surprise toys are a big deal and I’ve heard from no less than three people that Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama is a must have.

  • Didn’t we, in years past, discover that some version of a “Tickle Me Elmo” was a big deal…and somehow we bought some and gave them away. That might be kinda cool…maybe the week leading up to Toy Drive.

How Much PDA is Too Much PDA? – I had breakfast at a restaurant with the wife on Sunday morning at a pancake house. Diagonally from our booth was a couple, in their 20’s, sharing the same side of the booth…all up in it. To be truthful, PDA does not bother me. I’m happy they’re happy. But for the couple seated behind us, it fueled an ongoing commentary…mostly negative. The PDA couple were really going at it a couple of times. They fed each other…they kissed constantly…they wiped each other’s mouths. Even with one hand on fork, the other hand was always in contact with the opposite person.

  • What kind of PDA should be allowed in public…namely a restaurant? What’s too much? Kissing? Open mouth kissing? Feeding one another? Sitting on the same side of the booth?

Most Controversial _________Opinion – My Twitter timeline has been filled with variations of this: Please quote Tweet with your most controversial music opinion. Is this something we could have fun with. I know the term “Unpopular Opinion” has become a bit cliche but is it a name can give a bit like this. We could do three statements and individually comment or bring a funny, solitary caller on (Morales comes to mind) to add to the bit.