Idea Sheet 11/15/2019

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Myles Garrett – As most of the world knows by now, the Cleveland Browns defensive end forcibly removed the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mason Rudlolph’s helmet and hit the QB in the head with it. While, I suppose, this isn’t a laughing matter, at the very least, Rudolph appeared to be uninjured. If we can get a hold of football helmet, maybe have members of the show swing it at various items…a pumpkin, watermelon, a wooden chair. The sound would be pretty amazing…and the “educational value” along may be worth it for a solid video for the website.

Playgrounds Are Too Safe – For real? This is what some woman wrote on How are kids supposed to be resilient if they can’t fight through a scraped knee, was one of her arguments. My nephew, two at the time, took a spill on one of those “safe playgrounds” and busted open his chin…four stitches later. I hope he learns resiliency from that…I would have rather not see him suffer and scream through a terrifying experience.

  • Kids do stupid stuff…what kind of crazy stuff did you do as a kid that today people might be outraged. (I, for five-American, rode a skateboard down a massive hill…no shirt mind you…got speed wobble, fell off and ended up in the hospital with my entire torso scraped up. )
  • Do you truly believe that kids today are soft? Does making the world safer for your kid make them less likely to battle through challenges in the future?
  • What was the worst injury you suffered at the hands of a playground?

Coach Gets Ejected, His Son Rejoices – Well, maybe not rejoices but the Houston Rockets’ Austin Rivers enjoyed seeing his dad, Los Angeles Clippers’ coach, Doc Rivers get ejected during a game between the two teams. The Clips lost 102-93.

  • Have you ever been in a situation that you saw your pops fail or take one on the chin…and while you should have been upset, you thought it was funny?

She Cries During Spin Class – Our co-host, Kayla, sometimes cries in the weirdest places. She told us the other day that she started weeping while in the middle of spin class. She explained that the class is draining, rough and sometimes her emotions come out in the middle of it. First of all, there’s no crying in spin class. Everyone knows that. What do you do if you’re the person next to her…do you say something…or do you practice gym etiquette where you mind yer business?

  • Simple…where is the weirdest spot you’ve been in where you started crying? What was the reason?
  • Has anyone started crying, in your general area, and you didn’t know what was going on? What, if anything, did you do?

He Took Away My Key Privileges“My son. My very own son that I birthed and raised has stripped away my mother-given right to come over to his house whenever I choose. He has taken away my ability to see my beautiful grandchildren. What? Now, I have to make an appointment? We went to lunch, just he and I, (BTW, I’m sure my daughter-in-law is behind all of this) and told me that I could not just come to the house any time I pleased. He said, if I couldn’t at least text or call first that he was going to take away my key to the his house. I told him, well, will just see about that. The next day I popped by because I found these adorable stuffed elephants for the babies…and was met with nothing short of hostility. While I gave the kids the elephants, he went into my purse, took my keys and removed his house key. On the way out, he then showed me the key…and said, “You can have this back when you decide to respect my family’s privacy.”

  • What ground rules did you have to implement to prevent your overzealous mom from coming over whenever?
  • If you’ve had this situation, what advice would you offer to those that are struggling through it right now?