Idea Sheet 11/14/2019

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Mariah Match Game – More Mariah Carey tickets to give away. Contestant fills in the blank attempting to match the panel. Duh.

  • Mariah Carey is planning to write and publish the shortest book ever. Its working title is “The Wit & Wisdom of _______________.”
  • Mariah Carey is so rich even her cat has a ____________.
  • Mariah Carey said, “Nick Cannon is so dumb…he once brought a ____________ to a house warming party.”
  • Mariah Carey just bought the world’s most expensive mattress. It’s a little uncomfortable though because it’s filled with ___________________.
  • Thanksgiving dinner at Mariah’s is very fancy…even the _____________ will be wearing Louboutins.
  • Mariah Carey’s mansion is so big…..trips to the bathroom require a ____________.
  • Mariah Carey is such a diva that even her _______________ is made by Louis Vuitton.

My Co-Worker Irritates the Hell Out of Me – “It seems like every six months my boss decides she can improve office efficiency by shuffling cubicles and offices. Her latest decision has me ready to quit. She put me next to the “office hummer.” Seven hours and 59 minutes of every eight hour day she hums. She has her headphones on and she hums to whatever music she’s listening to. She walks to the copier and hums. She’s in the break room and she hums. I can’t wear headphones. I’m on the phone constantly…and it’s not loud enough where a person on the line can hear her…it’s just a faint amount of noise THAT DRIVE ME CRAZY! Before you say, “Go talk to her about it.” I HAVE and it seems it’s only made her do it more.

The Most Amazing Gambling Story Ever – I’m playing at Bdubs and it’s not going well. The server, Brian, tosses over a ticket with $.50 on it. Someone must have left the change in the machine and Brian cashed it out. So, I put the ticket in and decided to play Keno. Eight spots were already chosen. I went with those. Bet one credit. Nothing. Bet the second credit and hit 7 out of 8. That’s $400 to you and me…just me actually…and the bartender received a healthy tip. We’re a town filled with gambling and any local that gambles has a story.

Friendship Goals – Well, that’s what EOnline refers to the matching tattoos that have been adorned on Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels. It’s a little arrow tattoo on Selena’s left hand between her wrist and thumb. Selena wrote, “It’s tatted…my arrow points to you forever.”

  • Do you have a tattoo that is matched with someone else? Tell us about the circumstances behind getting the tattoo.
  • Do you have a matching tattoo that you regret getting…like it was with your BFF and then he slept with your boyfriend so “F that B.”
  • You could go with simple tattoo regrets. A bartender friend of mine got a matching tattoo with her daughter that read, “Keep moving foward.” Yes, and “r” was left out in the spelling of “forward.”

Kayla’s Favorite Things – More than likely this would simply be a web post…but it might be a cool female-friendly thing to put on the air. Just like Oprah, Kayla make a list of your favorite things of 2019. It could be anything and everything. You could start off fresh in 2020 with a new favorite thing every month…and do a video to accompany it.