Idea Sheet 11/12/2019

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Mariah Match Game – We have Mariah Carey tickets for her Christmas show at the Colosseum. The contestant tries to match the “celebrity” panel

  • I just read that “Mariah’s on fiyah” and it must be true. Last night she sang, “All I Want for Christmas is _____________.”
  • Mariah Carey’s neighbor complained, “Every time she hits that high note I think it’s my _____________.
  • Mariah Carey’s gynecologist is so dumb……that when she makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she uses ___________ jelly.
  • Boy, Mariah Carey sure is a diva. Not only does she pay someone to fluff her pillows, she also pays someone to fluff her _____________.
  • Mariah Carey said, “I never should have dated that Australian. The first time we had sex he brought his ____________ to bed.

Breast Facials – High end salons are offering “breast facials.” For $180 they will do a bunch of treatments on your breasts and nipples. The woman who reported on the offering was pleased and noticed softer, more supple skin in the breastsses region. 

  • What seemingly crazy or odd beauty treatment did you experience…that either turned out awesome or was like “meh.” 
  • What ridiculous treatment did your friend undertake…that you were like no way…in either the treatment itself or the cost?
  • What is the most you’ve spent on something to “enhance your beauty.”

Lamar Odom Is Engaged – After only three months, he claims that girlfriend Sabrina Parr is “the one.”

  • Who listening had the quickest engagement? Did the relationship last?
  • Can you possibly know who you’re marrying after only 90 days?
  • If we can find someone that is recently engaged…get them to play the “Newly Engaged Game.” Ask three probing questions of one member of the couple while the other is sequestered and see if they can match answers. (Think SuperMom Game)