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Jussie Smollett Guilty – It’s now been proven that Jussie Smollett made the whole thing up. We’ve heard that he did it for publicity: to somehow up his celebrity brand in Hollywood. He was convicted on five of six counts. Each count carries a 3 year jail term and a $25,000 fine. Not known yet if he will be able to serve the time concurrently.

Interesting question: What would you be willing to do to become famous? Forget Jussie for a second. If you knew it would work and there would be zero repercussions, what would you do to become a celebrity, along with all the trimmings? Murder? Theft? Take a beating? Violate any or all of the commandments?

Cardi B’s Got Snacks – She shared her unusual snack go to. She dips nacho cheese Doritos in barbecue sauce. Actually that sounds pretty good. I can see that. Anything out of the ordinary in your household?

Personally, I can dip practically anything in blue cheese dressing; veggies, pizza, sourdough bread. I’ve also believed for sometime that most starchy foods – fries, rice, pasta tastes good with sweet stuff. For instance, mashed potatoes and syrup would taste good. I’m telling you. People dip their fries in chocolate shakes.

Yes, I Still Wear My Mask – Just about everywhere. I went to a gala last weekend here in Florida. Now, understand, in Florida, Covid never happened. Hundreds of mostly rich folks, eating, laughing, singing, drinking, dancing without a care in the world…or a mask. I wore mine. I estimated maybe 1-2% of those in attendance were wearing masks.

I’m fully vaxxed along with my Moderna booster. I’ve not caught Covid. If I do, I suspect the symptoms would be mild. I’m not immunocompromised or anything. I believe I could justify not wearing a mask. While I do wear it because I think it’s the right thing to do. I mostly wear it to irritate those that think I’m a sheep. I like getting eye rolls from the anti-mandate crowd.

Does anyone else take pride in wearing their mask, not because it’s recommended by doctors and scientists but rather to make a statement?