Idea Sheet

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What Have You Bought That Ended Up Being Perfectly Useless? – I put up Halloween lights in the front yard. There are a few strings that are dark. Of course, I went on YouTube to learn the easiest way to check the lights as to not pull every single bulb in a string of 100 lights in order to find where the disconnection is. As suggested online, I purchased a non-contact AC voltage detector. And I went-a-scannin’. I still couldn’t find where the disconnect was. I spent thirty minutes trying to figure it out. Nothing. It really does seem that every time I go to YouTube to find a solution to fix something it never, ever, EVER works as well or as easily as the instructional video.

Your Next Move – You agree to meet a guy you were introduced to via Bumble. He’s tall. he’s attractive. All of that is proven when he steps out of his Dodge Ram pickup there in the Starbucks parking lot. Then you notice the personalized license plate – BGJONSN. Yes, Big Johnson. Unless he’s lying to you neither his first, or last, name is “Johnson.” What is your next move?

I like the concept and asking the listener what her/his next move would be? Just off the pickup truck idea alone…He pulls up in a lifted truck with giant mud tires. He pulls up with a back window sticker that reads, “Got Pussy?” He pulls up and the back of that truck is covered with Trump stickers…or he’s got a big ol’ American flag attached to a pole in the bed. What’s your next move?

Without Judgement – Could that be the name of a bit. You bring up something that’s controversial or stupid…like pineapple on pizza and listeners get to give their honest assessment without getting any pushback from the hosts or other listeners. You could do it without listeners as well…just an in-show only thing. I don’t know. I just saw the new Kanye West for president ad and thought it would be fun to hear from people that actually are voting for him and why. Anything political is a risk, I’m aware, but without talking shit about Trump or Biden…sell us on why Kanye would make a great president.

Going Solo – I read an article where Jessica Alba said after eight months of this pandemic she needs some time away from her family. How fun would it be to giveaway a vacation, a staycation, a trip, whatever…but it’s for one person in the household. You could go simple and make it a spa day for mom. Ya know, kinda like a Mother’s Day promotion. Obviously, travel is limited right now…but from Vegas, you could send someone to San Francisco or San Diego and have everything planned. Dinner for one. A one night stay. All of it.