Idea Sheet 1/9/2020

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My Ex’s Airbnb Revenge – (Female 20’s) “A month ago I went through a pretty bad breakup with my boyfriend of three years. Kinda nasty. I didn’t exactly cheat on him…but he certainly saw it that way. Anyway, I just found out he got his revenge and it’s way f***ed up! My parents still own my childhood home but they travel quite a bit so they have put the house up on airbnb quite frequently. While they’re away, I’ll handle any of the things that need to be done, like letting the cleaners in and whatnot. Chad, had been to the house many times over the years and we had had many “encounters” there. Well, I discovered via Instagram, that my ex, rented my parents’ airbnb so he could have sex with his new girlfriend IN MY PARENTS’ HOUSE! He posted photos of them kissing in the backyard, in front of the fire place and on the bed in MY OLD BEDROOM with the caption, “This staycation feels oddly familiar!” What kind of sick f*** does something like that? I kinda want to let his current girlfriend know what he did but maybe she was in on it…I can’t think of anyway to get him back…

  • Simplistically, we can go with revenge stories. Whom did you seek revenge on? How did it work out for you?
  • Best revenge stories
  • Wednesday Revenge Day? You tell the story of what somebody did and we make suggestions on how you can get back at them. For the above story, for me, sleep with his dad and make sure the ex knows. Then sit back and watch the fireworks as his family goes all reality TV!

Moral Dilemma Monday – Ya come up with some premise that puts one in a position that they’re not sure how they should/would respond.

1.) You see someone, purposely, stealing a case of water, while at the grocery. You know what they’re doing…do ya look the other way or do you rat em out?

2.) You just lost your job. You don’t know where your next meal is coming from and you find a wallet with five-hundo in it. There’s a driver’s license, address, several ways to contact the owner. Do you keep the money? Do you return the wallet without the money? Do you give the whole thing back thinking there will be a karmic reward.

3.) Your see your best friend from high school’s dad in a bar and he’s all over some woman. You are still tight with the family. He sees you and you bolt. Do you have an obligation to tell your friend about her dad at risk of their family imploding?

Megxit – I think monarchies are bullshit. I love the UK but these rich assholes get to live like…well…kings and queens…because of birthright and what’s worse is they take it for granted. That being said, I don’t live in the UK. I don’t pay their taxes so my opinion is moot. But what if you decided to tell your boss, “Hey, I’m gonna step back from official duties. I’ll do everything to support you and your company but I’m gonna split time between here at work and Canada. By the way, you didn’t tell your boss face-to-face. You created a website that spelled out your intentions. And that’s how she found out. Pretty simple, YOU WOULD GET FIRED.

So, how is it that these spoiled, silver spoon mothereffers can do this? Harry & Meghan want to keep their royal cottage, that the public paid to refurbish. I’m sure they want to keep their royal titles. How does the Queen not say, (in a British accent, obviously) “Cool. Don’t let the door hit you in your royal ass?” Move to Canada and shirk your duties…but you lose the cottage and you’re no longer a duke and you’re no longer a duchess. Bye-eeee!

  • Did someone in your family straight up bon voyage and not tell anyone? Did they expect to be supported as they were full card carrying members of the family…but they really were not?
  • The popular, and perhaps sexist, view is that Meghan is behind all of this. Harry is simply a redheaded pawn? Agree or disagree?
  • Do you agree that Meghan & Harry should step out on their own and seek their financial independence? If so, do you they should still be on the Queen’s dime?
  • Who is America’s royal family? We are all aware that we don’t have a monarchy…but would listeners claim it to be the Kardashians? The Trumps? Maybe the Obamas? I suppose, it used to the Kennedys…
  • Did you strike out on your own without any help from mom/dad and did it turn out okay for you. (Understanding, of course, you weren’t, at the time, a duke and/or a duchess.