Idea Sheet 1/8/2020

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She’s Dated My Brother AND My Dad – According to the daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter, he is now dating his wife’s former assistant. Moon Angell. Beth Chapman passed back in June. His daughter, Lyssa, claims that Moon dated her brother, back in the day, and has moved in with her dad. Yuck! Dog’s gotta have 20+ years on her too.

  • Does anyone have a dad that went the skeevy route? Not that I think this is. His wife passed and he’s moving on. The woman in question just happens to be someone close to the family that is the age of his daughter? What’s wrong with that? Does someone have a dad that got divorced/widowed and he had his young love move in?
  • How about my dad’s new wife is my age?
  • And…we didn’t even discuss the idea that this Moon lady may have not only slept with Dog but with his son too? As the dad, can you do that? Sleep with someone that slept with your son? As a woman, would you? Let’s say you have sex with Alexander Skarsgard (Big Little Lies, True Blood) but then fall for his dad Stellan. (Chernobyl, Avengers) Could you do that?

24 Hours to Tell the Truth – I’ll be honest, I’d never heard of this before. So Jana Kramer, on her “Whine Out” podcast says that her husband, Mike Caussin, has one day to admit a lie. It’s a rule to help rebuild the relationship. It shows change. It shows growth. It shows honesty. She said she learned it in therapy.

  • Is it ever okay to lie to your spouse? (Duh…especially if you know she’ll/he’ll kill you if she/he found out.)
  • Is this just not an open door to keep lying to one another? If you can come clean in 24 hours wouldn’t you try to read the other person’s demeanor and if you were sure you could get away with it, you zip it. Also, if you come clean, is it like when your mom told you, you wouldn’t be in trouble if you told the truth…but you did and your father busted your ass when he got home. Fights aren’t eliminated, if truth is revealed….is it?
  • What is the stupidest lie you told…that you got called out on? I told an ex-girlfriend that I had more money in the bank then I had…and it wasn’t a lot…I said I had a savings account with $5,000 in it. But I didn’t. I didn’t have shit at the time…later, I had to come clean and I was like, “Why did you lie about something like that…and why didn’t you say you had more money?” Moron.

Preparations for Battle – I’m not sure what will be appropriate if we end up in a full on war with Iran. Might be a good idea to get points of contact with any public affairs officer types at any local military outlets. Having that info might be important if you want to come up with a plan to send anything to the troops and to find out what is needed most…support for base families, for instance.

  • After 9/11, American flags were everywhere…be prepared to have those ready to give out…I know we did a “stars and stripes” version of our logo for stickers and whatnot.

Does Deciding NOT to Breastfeed Make You a Bad Mother? – Now, an exemption to those that, for whatever reason, can’t breast feed. I am not an expert on such matters…but I have to believe there are medical reasons. Jana Kramer (Yes, her, again) said on her “Whine Out” podcast that she didn’t want “anyone sucking on her nipples.” Ya know, it’s not just anyone, it’s your baby. She said she received so much hate and shame from people because she didn’t want to breastfeed. Obviously, it’s the mother’s choice and I’ve read there is bonding associated with it in addition to the health benefits. The husband wanted her to breastfeed and they ended up in a fight.

  • Did the breastfeeding choice cause a riff in your relationship?
  • As a man, I can’t imagine feeding a child in that way, let alone actual child birth…Is breastfeeding a chore? Did you feel more connected to the baby? (How could you not?)
  • Has anyone done both…one kid breastfed, the other formula fed. Does it really make a difference? I’m not trying to push lactation talk but I know mothers are opinionated about such things.