Idea Sheet 1/29/2020

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They Just Be Swingin‘ – Could you pull off a polyamorous relationship? Not a 3way (Awesome) but like you and your SO are in a relationship with another couple or two? I saw the article below about couples who do this and how it works for them. I just imagine I would get jealous AF. They say they aren’t swingers…but aren’t they?

Words to Your Mother – It’s my mom’s birthday today. Yay! We played a game where you get the mothers of the hosts on the show and you give them current slang and they have to say what they think it means. Words like “thirsty,” or phrases like “Netflix and Chill.” Gucci, smash, sip tea.

What Feels Illegal but Isn’t? – I just saw someone post this on Insta and I thought it might be fun. Leaving a store without buying anything might be one. I’ve gone into a convenience store and they didn’t have the chips I wanted or something and I walked out feeling like the clerk thought I stole something.

Coronavirus – I still don’t know exactly what it is but I do know it’s deadly. We just had our first reported case in Vegas. Southern Hills hospital has reported that a Chinese national has been diagnosed. The person just flew into Vegas. Do you get some antiviral facemasks with your logo on them and distribute them at remotes? If you had a rock station, “Rock Hard. Breathe Heavy” or something.

It’s Worth a Fortune – Dude on Antiques Roadshow brings in a Rolex watch, he bought for just under $400 back in ’74 and is floored when he finds out the watch, due to its pristine condition, is worth between $500k & $700k.

  • What do you have or DID you once own that you realize now, is worth an absolute fortune? What is it and have you had it appraised?
  • There are things of grandmother’s, in my mom’s house, that I think, “Man, if I was on the drugs, I might steal that and see what I could get for it.
  • I found a wheat penny once with made at a certain mint that I was almost positive was some huge rare find. Nope…it was worth like a nickel.

I mean, really, is a mustache ever a good look. I get it if you’re doing one of those fundraiser things…Movember or whatever but no matter how good looking you are and the Biebs is a good looking man, the mustache makes him look like a wannabe porn star or someone that will do just about anything to get a fix. I get that cops and firefighters go with this look more than most…but typically they’re not real cops or firemen, they’re just dressed as such for their next male stripper gig. Final word – mustaches, yay or nay?

Federal Deficit Reaches $1 Trillion – Maybe play “What Could I buy with a trillion dollars?” Ya know if you had a trillion you could spend a million a day for 3,000 years. You could buy over 41m new cars or pay 2m elementary school teachers for 9 years. You could pay for all of Congress for the next 11k years or so. 5.6m single family houses.

For You Podcast Types – I listened to Gary Vee and he suggested that as a brand you should create 64 pieces of content a day. That is a shit ton. I am nowhere approaching that but I started doing this. For every podcast I do, I try and find as many good clips of :20 – :60 seconds and I produce them up and post them as content on Twitter, Insta & Facebook to push listeners to my website and to, hopefully catch the full podcast.

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