Idea Sheet 1/28/2020

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Pimple on My Ass – How the hell did I get a pimple on my left butt cheek? It’s right above the fold that connects by buttock to my legs. It hurts, too. So, a friend asked, “Why didn’t you just pop it?” I tried. Last night, I screwed with it, hoping to pop it and I couldn’t make it work. This morning I get up head to the toilet and sit down and HOLY SHIT! GD that hurt. It seems the poking and prodding from the night before only made it angry….like throwing rocks at a grizzly bear.

  • I’ve had pimples all of my life…my butt cheek had to be the strangest place I’d ever had one. How about you? Strangest or most painful place you’ve had a zit.

Super Bowl Bets – You still have some time. I know Fox 5’s Dave Hall here in Vegas is a KC Chiefs fan…maybe match him with a local TV anchor who is a Niners fan for an on-air bet. I thought it might be interesting to have the owner of Jake’s Mining Equipment in Henderson place a bet against A Traders Turquoise Chief Native American jewelry store in E. Vegas. I mean, don’t make it racist or anything but have em bet something. For video, how about you find a costume store with an Indian costume and an old miner looking cowboy type costume…find an intersection and have em hold up signs. Honk once for the Chiefs…etc. Check in during the show to see who commuters think will win. We did something similar to this with the old “Exit Poll” during the 2016 election. (No costumes)

Big Dick Energy – I overheard a couple of women talking about this. I didn’t hear the full conversation but did hear the phrase, “big dick energy.” I picked up that they were talking about several guys that they both knew or worked with that they had not slept with at this point. I guess it came down to confidence or the way a guy carries himself that they felt they could sense a man’s size because of it.

  • Is this something that women can really pick up on? Has anyone tried out the theory. Ya know, I betcha this guy…and then you hooked up and…were you correct or no?
  • The idea that women are pretty, polite, little flowers who don’t talk about such things has been out the window for some time…Do you and your girlfriends discuss such matters?
  • …or can we find someone that, while not a prude, just doesn’t think that kind of talk is “lady like.”
  • Any other theories about men that any women would like to share?

Kelly Ripa Shut Down Daughters Debit Card After Postmates Charges – So, I guess, Kelly’s daughter was getting out of hand with Postmates. She would order a $7 salad that would cost $25 to deliver three blocks. So, ma, shut it down and enrolled her in a meal plan at college. Lola attends NYU.

  • How out of control has your food delivery habit gotten?
  • Have you had to ban your SO from food delivery because it has gotten out of control?
  • How lazy do you have to be not to walk three blocks to get your food?