Idea Sheet 1/27/2020

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When Did You Peak? – I think it’s a question worth asking after Billie Eilish’s record breaking night at the Grammy’s. What, 5 awards in all and the youngest, at 18, to ever win album of the year. I’m sure Billie will continue to thrive and bathe in stardom for many years to come but what it she doesn’t? What if, January 26th was the day Billie peaked? It happens to all of us. (Every time I think of Billie…I think of Lorde and I wonder to myself, I hope she’s taking online classes.)

  • When did you peak? Now, that definition has some girth to it…I truly feel  that I am peaking now. Late bloomer, I guess. I feel confident about myself and my life, my appearance and place in the world. How about you? Tell us when you knew you had peaked?

My Earbuds Nearly Killed Me – I had mine in while I was in the kitchen cooking eggs and whatnot. I’m listening to a podcast and I turn the gas on and assume that the gas had been ignited but it had not. I looked over and noticed that it was not lit. Not thinking, I turned the knob off and then back to ignite and singed the hair on my right forearm.

  • Tell us about the time having your earbuds in nearly cause you great harm.
  • I always wonder about those that have them in while driving. That has to be illegal, right? Where is the most inappropriate time or place you’ve been in that you saw someone with their earbuds in?
  • Who holds the record for most sets of earbuds lost? I’m three in so far. But, ya know, for me, it’s like that Adam Sandler song, “Phone, Wallet, Keys.” I get more than three things that I’m responsible for and something is getting left behind.

You Aren’t Late Until You’re Six Minutes Behind – I saw this study that says bosses won’t consider you late until six minutes. No, fuck that. Be glad that I’m not your boss. If you are scheduled for work at 10am…you are late at 10:01am. Period. Understand, yes, shit happens and on occasion you may arrive late. The problem is we allow for the repeat offenders to get away with it. Show up on time. That drives me crazy.

  • Why are you habitually late? Explain yourself. 
  • Do you agree…is there a grace period for being late? 
  • Now, when it comes to work stuff, I am prompt. However, in my personal life, my wife and I will show up late meeting friends. Is there a difference between being late in your work life and your personal life?