Idea Sheet 1/22/2020

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Take Out a Loan for Super Bowl Tickets – You just have to see the Chiefs & Niners in Super Bowl LIV. But you don’t have the tickets. Stubhub has em and is willing to loan you between $99 & $17,500 to buy those tickets. The interest rate, depending on your credit ratings, will be between 10 & 30%. Damn!

  • If it were your team…you felt it was a once in a lifetime event, would you take out a loan at 30% interest for Super Bowl tickets?
  • What’s the most ridiculous amount of money you have paid for tickets, sports, entertainment, concert…no matter

The Rant – Here in Vegas, Fox 5 has a telephone complaint line called, “The Rant.” I’m sure other markets have the same thing if not something similar. Every night, on the segment, they air three recorded complaints. Why not have each member of the show call the line and leave a ridiculous rant and see if it makes it on the air. You pre-record it so someone at the TV station doesn’t catch wind of it. Air all of the calls and the audio from the TV station’s broadcast on the morning after it airs Now, if you receive advertising cash from that particular station, or you’re worried about catching flack for doing it…maybe ya don’t. I think you can get away with it once though

He Turns Even the Simplest Things Into Sex – (Female 20’s) “While I’m enjoying a raw, that is not toasted, Fruit Loop flavored Pop Tart, my boyfriend and I start talking about the different flavors and how much we love Pop Tarts. Quickly and with precision he turns the conversation into something about wanting to eat the Pop Tart crumbs out of my cleavage. (???) He does this all the time. Another lame example: We’re at the funeral of my great aunt. Now, admittedly, I wasn’t that close to her but he said, something to the effect of, “Just like your aunt, I’m stiff too.” Will he grow out of this? Or do I have to tell him to chill?

  • Who in your life, bf or co-worker pulls the Michael Scott and turns any simple statement into something sexual?
  • Maybe create a game where a guy on the show claims that he can turn any phrase into something sexual. Write five setups and let him spike em.

Break Up Exit Interview – (Female 30’s) “Scott and I dated for seven, nearly eight months. Our breakup wasn’t dramatic. We both knew it was kinda over. We always joked that “Love never dies. It just rots on the vine.” Well, it did. 🙂 He’s an IT supervisor and handles most of the employment decisions for a large retail chain and, intentional or not, he kind of put me through a breakup exit interview. We’re on the phone and he’s like, ‘Overall, what did you think of the time we spent together?’ Fine, I guess. ‘As far as communication goes, did I meet or exceed your expectations”? I’m like this is becoming the customer survey form on the little tabletop Zoosk machine. ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rank our love making?’ That kind of nonsense. I ended the conversation abruptly and haven’t talked to him since. In hindsight though, a post-breakup exit interview would be very helpful, don’t you think? I actually wrote out questions that I would want answered. It’s all about learning and development, people.

  • What questions would you want answered in a breakup exit interview?

Gritty Punches a 13-year-old – The dude in the Philadelphia Flyers mascot costume took a running start, allegedly, and punched a boy. I guess the kid, during a photo, had patted Gritty’s head. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of okay with punching 13-year-olds. Most of em are punks. At Disneyland and whatnot, I’ve seen people’s asshole children and the things they do mascots. Gritty should have also punched the parents. I’ve actually been a mascot before. I put on the Easter bunny suit for a station egg hunt. Little assholes were grabbing my tail, pulling my fur and whiskers.

  • Tell us about your mascot run-in…it sounds like a stretch, but I’m sure a lot of people have seen or had an issue with their kids and a mascot. I swear to you Chip or Dale….not sure which one touched my wife’s breast one time…ON PURPOSE.
  • Have you been dressed up in a costume and dealing with kids…any stories?