Idea Sheet 1/21/2020

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Tim Tebow Got Laid – OMG! He finally did it. Timmy boy married the former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters in Cape Town, South Africa. That means Tebow finally got laid!! Everybody take a GD knee! Timmy’s V-Card has been stamped! I have incredible respect for his abstinence. I don’t know how he did it. I mean, the second I discovered wee willy winkie, I was off to the races. AND, what’s even more amazing is he’s great looking, great body, successful college athlete and he still held out. He had women throwing themselves at him…ALL. THE. TIME. Me, homely, short, bad teeth and I’m willing to nail anything that moved. The only ting comparable to Tebow’s streak? Maybe DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak, and Cal Ripken Jr.’s 2,632 straight games…that’s it.

  • Who held out the longest?
  • Was holding out until marriage the plan but you cracked? Who was it? Tell us about the situation?
  • Tell us about how gave it up…but, to this day, you still regret it.

Mattress Mack Loses $2m – Guy owns furniture stores in Houston. He lost $1m when the Texans lost to the Chiefs…then thought KC was due for a loss so he put two $500k bets on the Titans…would won $3m if TN pulled it out.
Now, it’s his money…he can do whatever he wants with it…but does anyone think to themselves, “Does he know how much good he could have done with all that money?” I’m not a sports bettor whatsoever but I do gamble…and still if I lose a hundo, I get so irritated with myself.

  • What is the most money you’ve ever lost on a single bet?
  • Was it one of those “sure things” that you just knew would pay out and you got screwed by some miracle play?

Thoughts of the Unemployed – When you don’t have a job but you’re looking you start to calculate and evaluate what you may have to do to make ends meet. I’m not too proud to do what I gotta do to make ends meet. That being said, there would have to be a point that you would go, “I lost my job and I can’t believe I had to _________________to make money.” Driving ride share might be it for me.

  • I would do anything to feed my family but I won’t do that.

Moral Dilemma Monday – You saw the story where the dude in Michigan paid $70 for an old couch from a second hand store. He noticed there was a lump in one of the cushions. His daughter opened it up and there was a small fireproof safe with $43k in it! He could have kept the money. The lawyers said so. But it didn’t feel right. He contacted the store who tracked down the owners. Turns out they had donated the couch after their grandfather passed. They had no idea he had the stash. Dude returned the money.

  • Are you doing that? Can you justify not giving the money back?
  • For those that would return the money. Why? Guilty conscience? Karma?

Kelly Ripa Quit Drinking – It was revealed on her show with Seacrest that she has given up drinking…wine mainly. She stopped right after Ryan joined the show following the tumultuous split between Kelly and Michael Strahan. Now, I don’t have a drinking problem. I have zero problems with it, actually. But I would love to quit drinking. I’d love to see how I would feel if I stopped. Before you say it, I’m not an alcoholic. I rarely drink at home. I’m a social drinker. I tried Dry January and I made it all the way to January 3rd.

  • What happened when you quit drinking?
  • I typically don’t trust people who don’t drink (surprisingly our president doesn’t) but besides a hereditary worry about alcoholism, why don’t you drink…or why did you stop? Do you miss it?