Idea Sheet 1/2/2020

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The 2010’s – I found this great article about things that should be left in the 2010’s –

  • It has some great stuff about “death by selfie” and science denial. What would you like to leave behind from the past decade?
  • To the contrary, what will you never forget about the the Twenty-Tens?

Are You Kidding Me? See the post below I grabbed off the Twitters of a woman on an airplane using her feet to swipe through the in-flight movie selections on the touch screen. She had all her extremities…possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

  • Airline missteps…I know this is uber-simplistic but most people have some sort of story.
  • What does this say about the individual? For me, she is an entitled, lazy Gen Z a-hole. (OK, Boomer!)
  • Do you say anything? How do you go about it? Do you tell the flight attendant or do you go straight nuts, “What the HELL are you doing?”
  • Can the argument be made that she bought the seat and the touch screen for use on her flight…she’s the only one touching the screen during that flight and the airline should be disinfecting every screen after every flight?

New Tat for Postie – Yes, Post Malone got another facial tattoo. “The gauntlet.” I mean one tattoo on my face is one too many. But if you were to do it…ya lost a bet or something…or some strange law passed that said you had to have one tattoo inked on your face…what would that tat be?

Peeping Drone – “The teenage kid two houses got a new drone for Christmas. I’ve become accustomed to hearing that buzzing mosquito sound outside my house for the past several days. Our house is a simple two-story house and yesterday, as I got out of the shower and walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, the noise was louder than normal. As I glanced out my 2nd story bedroom window, through the partially opened plantation shutters, the drone was 10 or 12 feet from my window. That thing has a camera on it, doesn’t it?!?! It stayed there for another 20 seconds then whipped out of sight. I had a towel on, so if the little perv was looking for a show…he missed out. I did not tell my husband about it but he would straight-up murder the kid. I only kinda know the kid’s mom…so, I’m not sure if I want to say anything…”

Video Idea – “A Day in the Life.” I believe that listeners like to know what is going on during our day-to-day.” I realize that this is what your Insta-Story is for but I think a full on, full day, edited video is great content for the station’s website. Even if you’re not video-proficient…iMovie could get it done in no time.