Idea Sheet 1/20/2020

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Super Bowl Prediction Bits – Over my years we used a dog, a pig and a mini pony to varying degrees of success to predict the outcome of the big game. In the video below, we created a grid and had Miss Heather the mini pony walk around until she evacuated her bowels. I’d like to use a drone this year. Build a grid outdoors and get a drone that can be outfitted with a mechanism that could drop a mini football. Wherever the ball hits first decides who will win the Super Bowl.

Split the Check Guy – Everyone has someone in their lives like this guy. The guy that, after dinner, says, “Let’s just split the check.” Invariably, he has ordered the most expensive of meals. He also has ordered more cocktails than everyone else and still he’s only going to pay half the bill…but, I mean, who wants to go through the itemized receipt and say, “This is yours. And this is mine.” Who do you counter “split the check guy.” Separate checks is the simple answer but I always feel like others are thinking to themselves, “selfish.”

  • Can you call out “split the check guy”?
  • We took a trip with a couple and he was “down to the cent” guy. We had to run to the grocery and get a few things. It was about $20 and he was like, “Let me pay for half.” No, I got it. He was, “Well, it’ll throw off us paying equally.” I said it wasn’t a big deal and I don’t care about a couple of bucks here and there. He was not happy about it. I saw he and a buddy in a restaurant figure out the bill down to the penny. It was a thing and it was obnoxious.
  • Which is worse “split the check guy” or “down to the penny” guy?

We Don’t Make Out Anymore – At one point in a marriage or relationship do you stop making out? I talked to so many married folks and they don’t make out anymore. Is that a bad thing? Is it the beginning of the end? Or do we all reach a maturity level that making out with your SO just ain’t a thing?

  • If you’re in a relationship, do you still make out? If not, when did it stop?
  • Circling back to a bit I wrote about the other day, “Red Flag Friday.” If you and your SO, suddenly, stop making out, is that a red flag?
  • Hottest make out sesh that stopped at kissing…didn’t go any further…but the make out was the best.

That Guy at the Bar Is a Chimer – We go into a Distill, my buddy and I are having a conversation apparently loud enough for the dude sitting by himself a few chairs down to hear…and he chimes in. Friendly sort and all but this ain’t your convo, bro. He continued, randomly, to give his opinion or add a joke for the next 30 minutes. I’m like, mind your business, Jackson. Is there a limit on chiming in? Is it just a friendly thing to do? Should I not be so sour about a guy just trying to make friends? Is the guy sitting alone because he simply tries too hard to make friends?

  • Maybe the segment is “Don’t Be That Guy.” Take the old Batman jingle, “nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, don’t be that guy!” We present a “that guy” scenario and discuss if the person is being “that guy” or is what the person is doing is completely acceptable.

Childhood Punishments – Heard a show talking about how a mom called the cops on her kid for slamming his bedroom door. One of the jocks alluded to the fact that her parents would have just eliminated all privacy and the ability to slam the door, by removing it.

  • What was the childhood punishment your parents…or you…are famous for?
  • My kid, just for Christmas, lied about skipping school. That year I had bought him an X Box with Halo. I made him donate it to a local toy drive.