Idea Sheet 1/14/2020

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Relationship Red Flag Friday – You always hear stories about relationships red flags. He kept staring at his phone during dinner on our first date. Is that a relationship red flag? He talks down to his mother – Is that a relationship red flag? He has a wedding ring and showed you pictures of his kids. – Um, that actually IS a red flag…a couple, actually. I’m not sure about the attempt at alliteration or not…but an avenue for a relationship type bit…and you’ll get stories of how it is or isn’t a red flag.

To Be Chivalrous or Not To Be – (Female 30’s) “So, I’m on like the fourth date with this guy, Ian. We’re both logical. We’re both educated. We have had really good, rather deep conversations about politics and life in general. He’s a liberal guy. He believes in equal pay and women’s rights…all the stuff I’m passionate about. So, we go on a hike and, like most hikes, it’s rocky terrain and I’m a bit of a klutz. A few times he grabbed for my arm to assist and I’m like, “I got this!” He noticed he was doing it and realized that I didn’t need his help. I think he even, instinctively apologized. Anyway, I, eventually, actually stumbled and fell. He looked back and asked if I was alright. (I was fine…just embarrassed) But…he didn’t offer to help me up. When I got up, on my own, I sarcastically said, “Thanks for the help.” He responded with, “It’s not my fault you can’t stand on your own two feet.” I haven’t called him back. Then, after telling a friend the story, she was like what do you expect? You can’t have it both ways. Can’t I?

He Said/She Said – Take a story like the one above. Have the female tell her side of the story. Then, have the male tell it from his perspective. Take votes from the listeners as to which one has made the better argument. You could have them come together in the end…but that’s “Second Date Update” isn’t it.

Toxic Culture – That’s been the rumor behind the scenes at “America’s Got Talent.” Gabrielle Union claims there were inappropriate comments, racist jokes and an excessive focus on the female judges’ appearance. Former judge, Heidi Klum has come out and said she never saw anything like that.

  • Have you ever been in that situation, a toxic culture, or what you believed to be a toxic culture…you made waves, you complained only to find that others just didn’t see it your way?
  • Have you worked anywhere where there wasn’t some level of inappropriateness?
  • Every office seems to have one person that can get away with saying just about anything without any repercussions…Who was it at your office? Did they finally cross the line? Or did you see people get upset and you thought to yourself, “What’s their problem? I’m not offended at all.”