Idea Sheet 1/13/2020

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A New Candle Scent – Yeah, it’s Gwyneth’s lady parts. Yes, a vagina-scented candle featured on a website named Goop. Can’t get one right now, though. It’s sold out. Freaks! I’m sure it smells lovely. This certainly opens the door for other body part-inspired candles. Please tell me they named the candle “Pepper’s Pott.”

  • Play “Better or Worse” Get one caller and we name competing candle scents that might be better/worse than Gwyneth’s vagina. Like, Burnt Hair, Indian Food, (Chewbacca’s dick) Fresh Asphalt, Gym Socks, Axe Body Spray, Used Youth Hockey Equipment, Uncle Larry’s breath, Chris Martin’s balls..
  • If a new line of celebrity, naughty bits scented candles came out, whose are you most likely to buy or not buy…I love me some Betty White…but I think I might pass…

Oscars – Who really does care about this anymore? Is it just film buffs and old schoolers? Of the 10 nominated pics, I’ve seen one. Here’s the thing, I like cinema…ya know what I mean? I’m not a huge superhero, blockbuster movie guy. But even with that, I only saw one…and that was “The Irishman” IN MY HOUSE. Sure, I want to see “Joker” and “Ford v Ferrari” and “1917” but I ain’t going to the movie theater…

  • Have you stopped going to the movies? Has Netflix ruined it for everyone? Why have you stopped?
  • Screw all these critics and Hollywood-types…what was the absolute best movie you saw all year?

Liar! – Saw this NYPost article. People lie about working out so that others think they’re busy.

  • What are your best little white lies? When my wife and I are meeting somewhere and she’s running late she likes to tell me that she’s on her way or much further along than she really is. Also, she lies regularly about how good in bed I am.
  • What’s the best lie you’ve told to get out of something? Maybe not even best, what is your go to lie?
  • Did a lie actually blow up in your face?