Idea Sheet

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Trump’s Taxes – One of the biggest takeaways from the New York Times expose on Donald Trump’s finances was that he owes $421 million. Holy shit!!! Why not create a gofundme for Donnie Boy. I did. It’s to collect money to “Destroy Donald’s Debt.” In the explanation, I wrote:

Our dear president, Donald J. Trump has gotten in a little over his head. If we’re truly going to Make America Great Again we need to make sure that our president is not beholden to foreign oligarchs and governments or vulnerable to blackmail and extortion. If every American donated $1…well, we’d still be short by about $80 million. I mean, c’mon, if he had the money, he’d do it for you. Help us destroy Donald’s Debt. Donate a dollar today.”

Trump Price Is Right? – Maybe play a game where the items are either over or under $750. (That’s the amount of federal income taxes Donald paid in 2016 and ’17.)

Calaway Golf Complete Golf Set – $1,399
Greens fees for a foursome at Trump Doral – $1,000
125 Big Mac Meals – $750
12 1/2 Cases of All Weather Aqua Net Professional Hair Spray – $750
A trip to the Bunny Ranch, legal brothel in Nevada $200 – $600
Hush money to silence Stormy Daniels – $130,000
One hour with a tax attorney ($200 – $400)
Penthouse two bedroom suite with Strip view at Trump Intl Hotel
Las Vegas – $859
Gold plated toilet – $282
Trump Store Trump Signature Collection Silk Tie in red – $125
Trump Store Bling Clutch in Gold – $550

You can have some more fun if you want to go to the Trump Store website.

Tattoo Compliments – My wife has a tattoo on her back, between her shoulder blades. It’s the Japanese characters for kaisen or “improvement.” We’re sitting at a table in a restaurant patio that bordered the sidewalk nearest to the parking lot. Her shirt has an open back which nicely frames the black and teal tattoo. It’s maybe three, four inches in height. A group approaches from behind on the sidewalk and some random dude says, “I like your tattoo.” Cool, I guess. A compliment. But has he violated man code? I’m sitting right there. A quick check of left hands one would observe wedding rings. What kind of anonymous dude gives another man’s wife a compliment on a tattoo, let alone a compliment on a tattoo while I’m sitting right there? Is any man allowed to compliment a woman when she’s obviously with her man…boyfriend, husband, date whatever?

Excuse You, You’re Coughing – Obviously, every one is on edge with the Coronavirus. We’re wearing masks. We’re social distancing. But people still cough, sneeze and clear their throats even though they don’t have the COVID, right? If I’m out and I feel a cough coming on…I’ll pull up my neck gaiter and cough into that, as well as, my elbow. I believe that is the proper, polite thing to do. The other night while out I got a tickle. I inhaled my food and it caused me to cough rather loudly, repeatedly. I did my standard coughing procedures. I was waiting for someone to snark, “Whaddya got the COVID?” The tickled throat ended eventually and I was back to normal. How many coughs though before you have to excuse yourself from a room or business? Is it like a crying baby at a wedding. After so many cries, you have to take the baby and leave the ceremony? If you do leave while having a coughing fit and then come back are you making everyone else in the place nervous that you might be infected?