Idea Sheet

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Accidental Gender Reveal – I think we can all agree gender reveals officially jumped the shark after one started that El Dorado Fire…19,000 acres…and seriously screwing with Big Bear. Chrissy Teigen actually ruined her own reveal by slipping up and admitting that she and John Legend’s third kid is going to be a boy. Was the gender thing a big deal for you? Obviously, you want to know. Finding out is important for the parents. Everyone is so narcissistic now that they think everybody has to know. Did anyone slip up? Mention the gender before people were supposed to know? What did our parents do? Ma was six months along they found out. Nodded at another and  went back to their scotch and soda and their Marlboro reds.

Jason Momoa on the Side of the Road – He’s driving somewhere in the desert outside of LA and his car breaks down. He takes out his Yeti cooler, uses it as a lawn chair and sits there on the shoulder as big rigs fly by listening to some country music. Okay, you pull over and realize it’s Jason Momoa, what is the first thing you do? I think I play it cool. I don’t even acknowledge that he’s who he is. I don’t bring up Aquaman or GoT or how hot I’ve been for his wife since puberty. Treat him like anyone else who needs help. Or, for the story, I see if he wants to make sweet roadside love. What do you do?

How You Know a Kid’s Dad is A Dickhead – A fifth grader somewhere around Orlando, Florida is told that he can’t wear a facial mask from Hooters. Yes, the brestaurant. The principal told him to remove it several times, said
it was inappropriate. The dad is offended. Why not? We go there as a family all the time. This fact alone tells me that the dad’s a dickhead. When you see a kid, typically a boy, what makes you automatically think that the father (or mother I suppose) are idiots? MAGA hat obviously…but when I see a kid with a mohawk…a real one and they’re in elementary school. I’m like, dickhead. A kid that always has sunglasses…especially if he stows them on the back of his neck. Pound sand, Guy Fieri.

Oldest Piece of Technology You Have – I love stuff like this. On Reddit the list included a top loading VCR. Old dially-type phones. Cassettes but no cassette player. A Rolodex. I actually have an old 1940’s console radio
I bought in Seattle 20 years ago. Don’t know if if still works. I also have an old-timey dial phone. It’s also from the 40’s, I think. I actually stole it from a hotel on Wilshire back in the day. It was sitting on a table near the elevator on my floor.

I showed it to my niece and tried to explain to her how this type of phone used to work. We got two numbers in and she moved on to something else.