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WAP, Weak Ass Prenup – I saw that Cardi B & Offset are getting divorced after a couple of years. Shocked, they didn’t make it. From what TMZ is saying, there is no prenup. Checking net worth, they’re both worth about the same, $25m. I thought, for sure, Cardi was worth a helluva lot more. If you were getting divorced, besides the house, cars and kids…all of the normal shit. What are you fighting in court over? There is no way in hell that he/she gets that in the settlement. Fuck it, she can have the house but she’s not taking _____________.

$100,000 and Mystery Is Solved – We know about Carole Baskin’s step children’s PSA they ran on her first night on Dancing with the Stars. They along with, Don Lewis’ assistant and their attorney put up a 100-grand reward for information about Mr. Lewis’ death. If you could have the answer to any mystery but it would cost you $100k, what would it be? Old schoolers might go for the Kennedy assassination. On a similar tip, I want to know who shot Tupac and/or Biggie. Are there aliens, from other planets, among us? By the way, you lose the money if you tell anyone what you found out. Is Bigfoot real? (No, by the way. Don’t waste your money on stupid shit like that…okay, we haven’t found any bones. He’s not real.) Was COVID-19 a biological experiment gone wrong?

GTFOH – I kinda love mock anger. Maybe once a week you honor someone with a GTFOH or a STFU or a GFS. Each person on the show can pick someone or something that needs to get the fuck outta here. I can start with ungrateful step-kids. Your dad ran away to Costa Rica. Okay. He had a girlfriend and was cheating on your stepmom just like he did to your mom. So, stop harrassing
the crazy cat lady and move on. Your dumbass attorney isn’t going to get you any money…and if he does, he’s going to take most of it. Don Lewis daughters and his former sisters, GTFOH.