Idea Sheet

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Who Boos? – I’m watching the Texans-Chiefs game and before hand the players all lined up for a show of unity and a moment of silence.Of the 17,000 or so in the stands at Arrowhead, some were booing. I get the political bullshit. There’s no sanity left in that. But a momentof unity? Beyond this particular instance though…do you boo? I can’t tell you the last time I booed during a game. I think a few years back when UNLV’s bball team was good…I would boo the refs. Never the players though. They’re college kids. Who does that? Is therean appropriate time to boo. At hockey games when there’s a cheap shot I don’t boo…I just tell the guy to go fuck himself. Fortunately, he can’t hear me and there’s a giant wall of glass to protect me. 

Would You Hook Up with Her? – The story from TMZ tells the story of a Texas Tech student (???)  In a red bikini top, with a Red Solo cupin hand, she’s at a college party telling everyone she has COVID. The university is investigating. She’s kinda hot. If she picks you out of the crowd of young collegiate studs and wants to hook up, do you? As far as you know she has the Corona. You know if you ask her to mask up…she’ll move onto the next. So? My guess is you do…but because you’re not a complete daredevil you’ll probably still wear a condom.

Lost It – I was in Walgreens the other day trying to find something in the freezer case. While I’m there, searching, this dude is speakinghis QAnon ass off about Bill Gates and microchip in the vaccine. I shake my head and continue to search. Then he starts talking aboutsome white dude in Arizona that was killed by police and why aren’t they out protesting the white guy getting shot. I don’t know what itwas but I lost it. I don’t know what I said exactly but something along the lines of when blacks are shot and killed in a disproportionate number…yadda yadda yadda. Ended up cursing dude out…leaving the store like I was a crazy person. As far as I know, I was not filmed and nothing with me telling the dude to fuck himself has gone viral. 

New Dad at 62 – Growing up, I didn’t have an old dad. I had no dad. He left when I was 7. Maybe I’m not the expert on this but Alec Baldwinand his wife Hilaria just had their 5th child. Alec is 62. That means if the kid graduates high school and Alec makes it that long, he’ll be80. Who has an old dad? A buddy of mine is 46, his third is on the way. I was irresponsible and stupid and knocked up my girlfriend young.Would you rather have kids young…miss out on some of the fun that comes with being in your 20’s and 30’s. You’ll struggle and what not butwhen you get older, the kids are out of the house. Hopefully, you have some money and you can enjoy life. Or, conversely, live it up, get pregnant late and realize that your kids WILL NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE as long as you are alive?

Float Pod Therapy – Maybe I’m late on this one. So, you get in a sensory deprivation chamber that is filled with water and a thousand pounds of Epsom salt. It’s like the Great Salt Lake or that Biblical ocean..oh, Dead Sea. You just float. they shut the door and for an hour you just float in darkness. Reports are you go into some other place. You fall asleep. There’s no pain because you’re floating. Some have called it a zero gravity experience. They’re saying it has all matter of health benefits. Well, when you’re well rested, you always feel better, don’t ya?