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My Wife is Confrontational – (Male 30’s) “I think it has gotten worse. I mean, I get it. The world is a tinderbox right now. People have been cooped up. Their routines have changed. If you’re not working from home then your kids are distance learning. The politics on social media…the constant arguments about masks and whatnot. I’m typically the one who won’t take any shit…but lately she can’t leave the house without getting revved up about something. Last night, she scolded some poor woman in the grocery for going the wrong way. Trust me, that irritates me as well. The supermarket in question has placed arrows not only on the floor…but line of sight hanging off the shelves. It’s clear what direction you are supposed to be going. I just have given up. What’s the point in fighting that battle…hell, I’ve even watched store employees who are shopping for people who order the food online…not following the arrows. The woman was blocking the aisle, going the wrong direction and I could my wife express herself non-verbally to the woman…the combination eyebrows raised with the shaking of the head hands raised, palms out that says, “What are you dumb?” The woman responded by saying sorry and looking down. My wife, through her mask says, “It make it easier for the rest of us if you just follow the arrows. It’s not difficult.” I, then, made the mistake of caller the Grocery Hall Monitor which led to her rant about selfish people and people who don’t wear masks and morons who can’t follow simple directions. My concern is, at some point, she’s going to bite off more than she can chew and I’m going to have to defend her…I imagine, with my luck, it will be a large gentleman who will pummel me and have a clean up, of blood, on aisle five. Anybody else in a relationship going through this? Any tips…right now, it’s like, “Chill, hon, I’ll take care of the grocery shopping. You stay home.”

Relationship Mascot – Because I’ve been binging “Cobra Kai,” I seem to glean possible topics based off instances on the show. Miguel and Sam are in a new relationship and he wins her a stuffed octopus at the Golf N’ Stuff. He later says that the octopus is their relationship mascot. Is that even a thing? I know people have their “songs” Do you have a relationship mascot? If not, what little thing, is your “thing” in your relationship. For my wife and I, it’s a line from Family Guy. “In ever, Jerry. In ever.” It’s from a scene with a no-arm second baseman, Bucky LaGrange. “And he hasn’t had a hit in ever. In ever Jerry, in ever.” An example, if we were heading out to dinner she might say, “I haven’t had sushi in ever, Jerry, in ever.” You could go a couple of different routes with this one.

Travis Scott Gets Mobbed at McDonalds – Travis Scott now has a McDonald’s meal – the Cactus Jack. He popped over to a Downey, CA MickeyD’s and got mobbed by all the fans. Seeing Travis Scott in the parking lot of a McDonalds would be interesting. Who did you see in just a regular place. I saw Blackish star, or should I say Barbershop star Anthony Anderson at McCarran Airport near the baggage carousel. I’ve Seen a few celebs on planes. Some of which were like…don’t look at me like old schooler Joan Rivers or, ya know Stephen Root. He was in Office Space and Dodgeball. You could tell, he was like, “Yes, it is me. I am famous. It’s okay don’t be afraid.” Not the most original of topics…but you can get some decent stories sometimes.