Idea Sheet

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Cobra Kai – I’m a lotta bit late to the game on this show. It showed up on Netflix the other day and I’m only one episode in. But it’s solid. It’s original the original Karate Kid actors but 30 years later. Daniel LaRusso is successful and has a bunch of car dealerships. Johnny, the kid that got his ass kicked, is down and out. Just a couple of ideas that came from it:

  • People you went to high school that just won’t let it go. In the show Johnny has a Firebird, still listens to bad 80’s rock and re-lives in his head his glory days. Do you have anyone in your circle who just won’t let go of high school or college? Constantly re-telling stories from back in the day etc. At what age, should you be moving on from that? 30? Is it more of a lifestyle change…when you get married or have a kid. Frank the Tank in “Old School” had this issue, remember?
  • Who’s the most successful from your high school class? Ya know, in this show LaRusso has really done well for himself. In my class, we had a dude that played for the 49ers for a cup of coffee. Another guy was in charge of something at UCLA. We had an actor that played a dead guy on Criminal Minds and whatnot. I do remember one reunion and this girl Mandy came in a limo and had just flew in from Dubai or some shit. I’m more like Johnny in this scenario…I’m unemployed. I wish I knew karate, I could open my own dojo.
  • High school rivals. Who was that guy or girl you went to school with who, for whatever reason, was your rival. Maybe you competed against them in sports and they always got the best of you. How did it turn out in the long run? How did you turn out? How did they turn out? Can we get that person on the air and show them what a huge success you are and get a little “Rival Revenge.” I think that’s what we’ll call it.

How Are You Doing Labor Day This Year? – Labor Day is one of my favorite beer holidays. Traditionally, it’s the end of summer. Don’t you typically hang out at a buddy’s and bbq and drink copious amounts of alcohol? I guess in Nevada, you can hang out in groups of less than 50. Now, does that mean I can go chill at a friend’s house without feeling guilt and shame? How is your 2020 Labor Day going to look different than in years past?

22 Hours of Labor?!?! –On The Bellas Podcast, Nikki Bella says she went through 22 hours of labor before finally giving birth to her son Matteo a couple of months back. I don’t know how fascinating birth stories are. Who had the longest labor? Apparently, I wouldn’t breathe when I came out. As my mom tells it, they put me in hot water…then cold water…spanked me…everything they could do until I finally decided to breathe on my own. My dad got so stressed by it…they wouldn’t let him in the room, he punched out an orderly. Nice work, dad.

My Wife’s Got My Back – You saw that back in 2017 Giselle Bundchen went of on New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft about the way coach Bill Belichick was treating her husband, Tom Brady. Have you, as a spouse, done something like this? I have. My wife worked for a small company and she gave her notice. She busted her ass for this guy. And her plan was to finish out the two weeks. It was a lot of money and she was counting on it. He hamstrung her and out of spite decided to tell her to walk immediately. Now, I can understand the owner of the company thinking that the employee wouldn’t offer up the same effort over those two weeks. But my wife has integrity…and it was a situation if she didn’t work, she wouldn’t get paid. I called dude up and ripped him. She ended up finishing the two weeks and got paid. Should I have done that? Absolutely not. Would I want her to step in for me in the same way…hell now.