Idea Sheet

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Soup Can Toss – The president claims that ANTIFA protestors are hurling cans of soup at the police. If you haven’t seen the video, he claims that bricks are too heavy so violent protestors are throwing cans of soup instead. Can you go into the back parking lot and see how far you can throw a can of soup? 

Treating Co-Workers Like Doo Doo – I think we all have worked with someone that was aggressive, scheming and manipulative. According to a new study, those types don’t really get ahead. Really? My perceived experience has always been that that guy always seems to succeed. On the rare occasion, that someone gets their comeuppance and it might be the most grand thing ever. Tell us your experience. Did somebody that was a jerk get let go and you and your co-workers celebrated? Or what kind of shitty things does the person in your office do that seemingly keeps them one step ahead.

Naked Guy – So some 61 year old went through the Taco Bell drive thru in OKC without clothes. He said all of his clothes were in the washer. So, the employees just filled his order to get him out of there. When the guy drove thru again, that’s when they called the cops. Tell us when you came across nekkid guy. Now, I don’t want pervert at an elementary school stories. But tell us that time you unexpectedly saw someone nude. BTW, parental stories are horrifyingly awesome.

Greatest Thing Your Kid Ever Did – On Bobby Dalbec’s first at bat in the major leagues for the Boston Red Sox he hit a solo home run. Bobby’s dad, Tim, is an old school record rep. I’ve known him for years. Pretty cool even when you know someone who’s kid does something big like that, right? No matter the age, what is the greatest thing your kid has done? I’m not looking for national notoriety necessarily…but I am interested in how far ranging the stories might be.

Wi-Fi – You saw the pic of the little girls in Salinas, CA sitting on a curb outside of a Taco Bell? They were there to do their school work. No, they did not have access to wi-fi at home. So, a GoFundMe was set up. I think it’s collected more than $130,000. Their school district is in full distancing mode. What lengths have you gone to get a signal? I remember back in the day, I needed to get on my laptop…so, I trolled neighborhoods until I found a signal that wasn’t password protected. That was back before fast food joints, restaurants and department stores started offering the service. Have you had to sit somewhere (Starbucks) for an elongated period of time because you didn’t have signal elsewhere?