Idea Sheet 08/31/20

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Rent Help – This came to mind because the governor of my state, Nevada, put a block on evictions for another 45 days. It’s an attempt to help out those who can’t afford to pay their  rent. Is this something you could do as a show? Rent Help. I gotta believe there is a better name for it. Maybe hook up with a local non-profit housing organization and create a GoFundMe. Try to get corporate sponsors…as tough as that would be. Promote the hell out of neighbors helping neighbors in need. Have any monies raised delivered via the non-profit. I mean, even it if it’s a few hundred to a few different people…you might make a difference. Find a TV partner and see if you can partner up. Could be a huge win.

Covid Divorce Rates Through The Roof – I’ll be honest, my wife and I have had a couple of throw downs over the last few months. I’m unemployed and milling about. She’s working, our bedroom is her home office. I totally get this. I know Bethany is going through it. (I’m sorry.) I gotta know, though, Sandy, has there been a little marital pressure at home…when you don’t really leave the house. Divorces jumped 57% Feb. – Apr. this year. If you can see the pressure coming…how do you avoid it? I climb into a bottle. That’s my “healthy option.” Honestly, I just get out of the house. I handle the grocery shopping…anything…to just get out of the house for a bit.

I Went To A Movie…in a Theater, and Now I Feel Guilty – We decided to go see the Russell Crowe movie, “Unhinged.” By the way, uplifting af, especially in the world we live in right now (sarcasm). We went to one of those “luxury” theaters. They had it all socially distanced, so the theater was maybe a third filled. Then I got a tickle in my throat. F me! I have a neck gaiter on, so I pull it up over my mouth and nose and cough into my elbow. I’m more toward the front of the theater so they can’t see my face…but I can imagine what there’s looks like. Then I started thinking, I’m in her for two hours, breathing in everyone else’s air. Gross. I’m probably now part of a “super spreader” event. I feel like I should self-quarantine.

Movie Side Note – There’s one scene in “Unhinged” that was, to me anyway, unexpected and I jumped out of my seat…kinda…the luxury theater so I was in the recliner and I did jump and hit my knees on the bottom of the tray and let out a “unhhhhhhhhhh!” (I nearly spilled my glass of Chardonnay…kidding) I’ve flipped out at theater before. My wife, girlfriend at the time, went and saw “Signs.” The Mel Gibson-alien invasion movie. Ya know the part where Mel’s trying to see if the creature is in the vet’s pantry. And he slides a knife under the door in order to see its reflection. Then the alien’s hand slides out under the door…and Mel slices off its finger tips. I screamed like a child! To the point, where, to this day, I’m shocked my wife still married me.

Is It Okay If He’s a Crier? – …and when is too much, too much. Chadwick Boseman dying, hit me harder than I expected. I assume it was a combination of factors; being clueless about his cancer diagnosis, his age, his complete likability. But I cried when I heard. And since, anytime I see a post about him, I get a lump in my throat. Sandy doesn’t seem like a crier at all. Bethany, how much crying from your man is too much crying? Are we in a different place now that dudes can cry without anyone thinking that they’re not manly. What things are men allowed to cry about? Team wins/loses championship – CRY / Emotional, heartfelt TV commercial/FB post – NO CRY / Daughter gets married – CRY / The Notebook – NO CRY / The movie Miracle (1980 US hockey) – CRY / Pet dying – CRY / Nat Geo nature show, predator eats a gazelle – NO CRY /

Unscripted Reunions – So, this is on HBO Max, right? The Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion with Will Smith and even DJ Jazzy Jeff. (No Uncle Phil. RIP) Here’s the story, if you haven’t seen it.  There has also been plans for a unscripted reunion of The West Wing and Friends. What show would you choose to get this treatment? Saved By The Bell? Frasier? Cheers? Dawson’s Creek?