Idea Sheet 08/26/20

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Boycott – Let by the NBA, several professional sports leagues postponed games last night in support of justice in the killing of Jacob Blake. Now, I don’t know your show but getting into that topic is a straight up hornets’ nest. I am interested in what people may have boycotted in the past. Have you? I’m not an “announce I’m boycotting something” kinda guy. I just stop using the product or service. Barilla pasta…the ownership seemed to have a problem with LGBTQ. So, bye. Hobby Lobby – birth control is not covered in their healthcare plans (on religious grounds)…our wonderful Supreme Court held up their right to do that. Won’t shop there. There’s a local chain of bars that during the re-opening (they have since been shut down again) played it like the wild west with little or no guidelines or protections for customers or employees. I won’t go into one of those joints for awhile. What did you boycott? BTW, the stupider the reason, the better

Blackmail – Trump’s fixer, convicted felon, Michael Cohen, claims he buried illicit photos of former Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife, Becki. As you know, the evangelical had to step down after allegations surfaced that he and his wife liked to get naughty with the pool boy. Apparently, Falwell Jr. liked to watch. (Cool, by the way, you do you. But ya can’t sit in judgment of the rest of us, clown show.) Do you have blackmail on someone? Something you know. Something you have proof of that you probably will never disclose…but it’s there. Tell us, without mentioning names what knowledge and what form of proof do you have? Would you ever release the information? Have you been blackmailed? Did the truth set you free…or f up everything?

Travel – I love traveling. I’ve been blessed to leave our continent a few times. I find travel to be soul enriching. I’ve always said that life is too short and the world is too small not to see as much of it as possible. Now, obviously, we can’t go anywhere. Nobody wants us. 🙂 (You saw the joke, celebrating the 51st anniversary of the moon landing? “51 years ago we travelled to the moon. Today, we can’t even go to Canada.”) If you could go anywhere, right now. Where would it be? No restrictions. Fantasyland stuff here…where would you fly off to…or, for that matter, drive off to? I’m gonna say Scotland. Maybe Australia just to visit friends. Let’s drift off into lala land and imagine that the COVID was just a bad dream.