Idea Sheet 08/24/20

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Bulk Pick Up Day – I don’t know how it works in your neighborhood or town but here in Summerlin, every other Friday is Bulk Pick Up Day. In addition to your cans, you can put the large items that don’t fit in the cans out on the streets and Republic Services will pick em up. On my run around the neighborhood on Friday, I saw bar stools, a wheelbarrow, and any number of old timey TV sets. Once that “junk” (property) is placed in the street, it’s anyones for the taking. Many times, I’ll see a guy with a truck driving around looking for diamonds in the rough. Everyone seems to love hidden treasure shows (Storage Wars or American Pickers as examples). Maybe have everyone on the show go out early, before the show, on bulk pick up day and try to find something funny, something valuable or something stupid. Have a competition as to who found the best thing. As you know, and much like the Storage Wars show, you can “manipulate” the bit to go in the direction of your choosing. Perhaps it’s just one person on the show and they have to find something good enough to sell on Facebook Marketplace, eBay or whatnot. Don’t laugh, my friend, randomly saw a multi-disc DVD player. She grabbed it from the curb. Cleaned it up. Tested it out…sold it for $80.

I Joined my Neighborhood’s Facebook Page Today – I heard that my community had a FB page and I joined up. Typically, these are a total shit show. I’ve had fun on Next Door screwing with my neighbors by posting that my pet marmoset had gotten loose. I set up my phone camera on a utility box and took a pic of me, from behind, jogging and made the community wonder whether “jogging man” was “up to something” You can pretty much stir up shit anytime you want on these pages. Post a random statement or pic about people not picking up dog poop or somebody blasting music after 10pm and the nut jobs, your neighbors, come out of the wood work. Sometimes, you don’t even have to mine for anything…just go on there to find gold.

Talk Shit About Your Sibling Day – We’ve heard the secretly recorded audio of Donald Trump’s older sister Maryanne Trump Barry talking shit about the president. Can you have your sibs call the show and playfully talk mess about you? Do you create “secretly recorded” audio of someone on the show saying something bad about someone else on the show…or another co-worker? Maybe play pre-recorded audio of someone talking mess about someone on the show…keeping it just generic enough so listeners call into guess which person on the show is being badly talked about.

Sibling Rivalry – Maybe it’s a game you could play. I you have a funny or quirky brother/sister, have them on the air. Play some sort of game and call it “Sibling Rivalry.”

WAP Lyrics I know a lot of people have just read the WAP lyrics for comedic effect. Conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro did this a week back or so. Can you get your mom or grandma to read the WAP lyrics on the air? Could be hilarious. They can’t be the “cool mom,” I don’t think. My mom would have a fit. Somewhere toward the second word, she would decline and would change fifty shades of red. The sound of an old lady reading those words just sounds funny to me.