Idea Sheet – 08/21/20

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Karen Kontent – So, I’ve been posting the Karen News Network bit for a few weeks now. We all know the “Karen” angle has got a shelf life and we’re probably on the downside right now. I have a buddy that does the bit in another city and received a complaint email about the bit from a real, actual Karen. I read the email and it was a bit of a Karen move, to be honest. While the Karen thing is still going on here are a couple of ideas.

The Karen Konfrontation – Get two “real” Karens…that is women named Karen on the air to battle. Like Karen from Henderson battles Karen from Sunrise Mountain. Maybe give each one a scenario. You receive your açaí berry bowl and it is lacking in açaí berries…what do you do? Give them multiple choice Karen situations. You arrive at Bed Bath & Beyond where you’ve read there is an incredible sale on pumpkin spice scented candles. When you arrive at the store you realize you have forgotten your mask. What do you do, Karen. a.) Drive back home and fetch your mask. b.) Tell someone in the store that you forgot your mask and politely ask if they have any or c.) Flip the fuck out. Scream about your constitutional rights until you throw your iced mocha latte at the $9.75 an hour clerk and storm out? You can get a stupid trophy at a local trophy shop. Call it the Karen and award it to the winner. Make sure she posts a pic with the trophy on social media with appropriate hashtags and whatnot?

Real Karens of _______________ – The nickname Karen is unfair to many women that were, unfortunately, named Karen. They had no choice in it. That’s their name. Either find a listener(s) named Karen who listens to the show or seek one out. Put them on the air. Ask em about being a real life Karen and what it is like. Then give them lunch for two or something…of course, they have to promise to a.) not complain and b.) leave a positive Yelp review.

When Did You Feel Like a Genius? – Maybe for you, cuz you’re so awesome, it happens a lot. But for most of us, it’s a rare occasion. I saw this story on MSN. It’s 40 facts that’ll make you look like a genius. It’s sprung the idea. For instance, I’m not a do-it-yourselfer. I manage but odds are any task I try and attempt it will end up below average in completion. I’m just not mechanically inclined. I don’t know much about that stuff. When a buddy called me up and said that he couldn’t figure out why his downstairs bathroom had zero electricity. Every other room was fine. He said it wasn’t the breaker. He couldn’t figure it out. I said, “Did you check the GFI?” He’s like, “What is that?” Well, if you don’t know, it’s the little button on certain electric outlets in your house. Sometimes it’ll pop out…like when the circuit is overloaded. The thing is the GFI can be on an outlet in another part of the house. Sometimes the garage…sometimes a different bathroom. He searched it out and the lights magically came on. I felt like a genius! How ’bout you?

Brayden Harrington – You may have seen him with a speech during the DNC convention’s final night. He’s a stutterer. Joe Biden has talked a lot about his battle with stuttering. It’s a pretty cool story. The 13 y/o kid met Biden some time ago and Joe gave him tips on what Brayden could do to work on his speech impediment. Do you have anyone in your audience that struggled with something and then overcame it when they saw someone famous, celebrity or a role model that helped normalize whatever. You might find some very powerful stories. I had cystic acne growing up. Going through high school with coin-sized welts on your face was absolutely devastating. It’s sounds dumb but I saw a story about Vanessa Williams…ya know singer, actor former Miss America and her acne issues…and it sincerely made me feel a little less alone. And gave me a small feeling that it was something I would get over and eventually conquer.